Why Colossal Mascara by Maybelline is Criminally Underrated

Colossal came in out of nowhere. I wasn’t ready for the impact. I hadn’t adequately braced myself, and when it hit my lashes, it was all over.

I’d had this sample-sized colossal mascara just lying about for ages; I’ll be honest, I snubbed it. I was in the midst of trying some very exciting new high-end mascaras and couldn’t be bothered by an older product.

But last week, as I dug through my box of products to try, something about Colossal called to me. It was like a soft whisper…” try me, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

So I went over to the mirror and casually swiped it on, excepting nothing big.

When I looked at my lash after the first coat, I kid you not, I stepped back, and my jaw dropped. This next part makes me a tiny bit embarrassed, but I shall hold nothing back from you, my dear reader. As my jaw dropped, words fell out, and they were, “Holy Cow!”

To be honest, this mascara deserves more of a four-letter response, but sometimes something is so exciting that it takes you back to a state of childhood awe and wonder. And with that wonder comes the language of yonder years.

Colossal is so beautiful. I will do my best to describe it, but please take that “Holy cow!” initial response for all its worth and trust it. This mascara is so criminally underrated. It deserves the recognition and esteem of fellow greats. It should be featured in favorites and top products of the year lists everywhere! Everyone should have it as a mascara staple. It’s that good. For real.

It gives your lashes the most gorgeous, lifted, lengthed and perfectly fanned outlook. It magically focuses the volume at the roots and gives incredible length to the tips of your lashes. I don’t even know how they pulled that off, talk about a feat of engineering.

Colossal gives your lashes an intensely sexy and vampy look, but with ZERO clumps! It’s something about that root volume and lifted curl, topped off with the beautiful length added to the tips of the lashes. It produces the sexiest, doll-like vamp to your lashes.

Colossal is also incredibly easy and quick to apply; you only need two coats to get maximum impact. It wears beautifully, not a trace of smearing, flaking or curl-deflation in sight.

So the next time you’re at Target, Ulta, or any other store that carries drugstore makeup, do yourself a favor and get Colossal in your life. Do it for the vamp. Never say no to the vamp.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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