Want the Insane Volume + Length of Caution Mascara by Hourglass for a Fraction of the Price?

When I first tried Lash Princess by Essence ($4.99), I instantly knew I had a dupe on my hands. The insane length and volume it gave my lashes reminded me of one thing and one thing only, Caution by Hourglass ($29).

If you’ve ever tried Caution, you know what I’m talking about. Sky-high length, and insane volume. It’s not for the faint of heart. If you like an ultra-natural looking lash, steer clear from these bad-boys-club mascaras. It’s not that they look bad in any way, it’s just that they can almost make it look like you’re getting into falsie territory. But, in the best way. Whenever I wear these mascaras, I always get compliments and questions about what mascara I’m wearing. So if you’re ready for a lash upgrade and want a mascara that will take your lashes to the next level, read on.

Both Caution and Lash Princess will give you the most length you’ve ever seen from your lashes, as in, you won’t believe your actual lashes ever could get that long. Then the volume, it’s just crazy. You cannot get this type of volume without a super clumpy mascara, but these guys won’t go into clump town whatsoever. It’s like a total defiance of physics.

The other wild thing they deliver is curl and lift, it’s unmatched I tell you. They hold a curl for hours on end, and you won’t believe how lifted your lashes will look and feel. It just opens up and enlarges your eyes like nothing else.

When comparing these mascaras side by side, they are incredibly similar. Lash Princess is the absolute closest dupe to Caution that I’ve ever experienced in the application, look, and feel. There are a couple of subtle differences one negative and one positive.

The bad: Lash Princess did tend to give a little bit of the zebra lash smear. (Where the tips of the lashes touch your upper lid, and a little comes off on the lid giving a zebra-stripe appearance). It’s not bad and is pretty light and easily wipes off with just a dab of a tissue, but it’s there. I found that the zebra smear started at about the five-hour marker of wear.

The good: Lash Princess actually gives a little more volume than Caution. That says a lot, a whole heck of a fudging lot.

You’ve got to try it to believe it. So if you’re already a disciple to Caution and want either even more volume or a lower price tag, or you’re just dreaming of the most insane length and volume to your lashes, Lash Princess is what you need.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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