The Ultimate Guide to Tubing Mascaras and Which One is Right for You (& Your Wallet)

If you’re new to tubing mascaras, then you’re in for a treat. Tubing mascara is different from “regular” mascara in that they don’t smudge. You heard that right, no amount of accidental eye rubs will cause your mascara to smudge off. Can I get an amen?! Tubing mascaras bind to each eyelash, creating a tube around them. And they won’t budge or smudge or flake, like at all. It’s freaking fantastic. They also come off super quickly and gently. All you need to remove the tube mascara is warm water. You splash your face a few times with warm water, and you’ll see the little fibers come off in tubes. At first it almost looks like your eyelashes are coming off (it’s actually kind of terrifying the first time you do it), but rest assured, it’s just the mascara tubes that formed over your lashes.

I’ve actually found that my lashes feel better and more conditioned when I’m using tubing mascaras rather than the regular types. Another huge benefit of their easiness to remove is that you don’t have to rub or scrub at your eyes to get the mascara off! Even when using a cleansing balm on regular mascara requires for a little bit of rubbing, whether you do it while massages the cleansing balm on or if you’re using a washcloth to remove it. And even the gentlest of rubs is too much for the delicate eye area, where wrinkles can form the most easily. So now, let’s get into the tubing mascaras. I’ve found great ones for every type of lash look and budget.

High Volume, Low-Budget – Covergirl Professional Remarkable Mascara

Covergirl’s Professional Remarkable ($4.94) is a tubing mascara that packs serious volume. It’s very buildable, but you only need one to two coats to get absolutely intense volume. It’s also super black, like blacker than black. It’s going to make your lashes stand out in a big way. You’ll love it, and your wallet will love it more.

The Natural-Goddess – Double Extend by L’OREAL

If you like a natural-looking lash, one that’s wispy and fanned out, with zero clumps, you will go gaga over Double Extend ($11.99).

loreal double extend

It seriously creates the most natural-looking beautiful lashes of all time. It’s got this gorgeous like shiny, wet black look. It reminds me of what lashes look like when you’re swimming (but without the lashes sticking together). It’s like your lashes, but better, more intense, longer, and fuller. Double Extend comes with a lash primer on one end and the mascara on the other. I’ve found that the primer really doesn’t make a difference in mascara application, but go ahead and try it if you want. It might have a conditioning effect on your lashes. I wouldn’t be able to say definitively if it has improved mine though. But like I said, I use it for the naturally enhanced lash look it provides, not the primer. So if you’re a green goddess who craves that natural beauty look, check this baby out!

Skyhigh Length – Highend Luxury Mascara – The Volume Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin

This mascara will give you the longest lashes of your life. I promise it won’t be beat. Like, if your lashes were any longer, they’d be falsies type of length. It’s absolutely un-freaking-real. I adore this mascara so, so much. It does not clump, does not look crunchy, does not flake or budge whatsoever. The Volume by Kevyn Aucoin ($28.99) also gives your lashes great volume and curl too, but the length is what really stands out. I cannot be without it at any time. It’s my second favorite mascara of all time. The first being FetishEyes by Pat McGrath. I love how The Volume Mascara feels on my lashes too. It’s just so comfortable and lightweight. You need to try it, for the love of all things beautiful and good in this world, for the sake of your lashes, try it.

The Greatest of Them All – Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super Waterproof

This mascara is insane. Like, it should be illegal or something. It’s the craziest mascara I’ve ever tried. It’s waterproof, and you better believe no amount of tears, surprise pool pranks, or rouge waves will even smudge it. It’s like it becomes an actual part of your lashes the second you apply it. The volume, length, and curl you get from Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super Waterproof will blow you away.

tubing mascara

It’ll be the most intense your natural lashes will ever look without false lashes. It pushes your lashes to their absolute limits and then some. You won’t believe what it can do. I feel like everyone should try it at least once, just to see what your lashes are capable of. It comes at a price, though. The waterproof bit is no joke. It’s a bitch to remove. You better have some powerful waterproof mascara remover on hand. Your regular cleanser or balms will not do it. I had to literally go out to the store and buy a waterproof mascara removal product to get them off. It’s not a mascara that I wear on the daily. I save it for the occasions when I need something intensely waterproof, or for when I need a crazy intense lash look without falsies.

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