The Top Lengthening Mascaras of All Time

The mascaras listed below will give you the longest lashes of your life, any longer and you’ll have to go to falsies. They are tried, tested and true and the best of the best. Read on to discover which one will suit you and your lash needs best, and happy fluttering.

Top Lengthening Mascaras

Length + Lift + Separation

Benefit Roller Lash

Benefit Roller Lash

Roller lash will give you length for days, like two swipes and you’ll have the longest lashes you’ve ever seen on yourself, you won’t believe it’s real. Roller lash is truly a powerhouse of a mascara because length is not where it stops, this mascara will also give your lashes the most intense lift ever, it’s like a pushup bra and corset combined type of lift, just ridiculous. For real, it gives me more lift than what I’ve gotten from curling my lashes. No joke. The wand has a slight curve to help you achieve this crazy curl and lift effect and you guys, it’s just to die for. Roller lash also will give your lashes a beautiful separated look with zero clumps and gorgeous definition. I mean it, not a single clump and no hint of globbiness either. These lashes are like falsies in a tube and will give you the most beautiful, natural-like fanned out, perfectly separated and long lashes of your life. If you haven’t tried Roller lash, do it, if even just for the sake of knowing what your lashes are capable of, it might just be the surprise of your life.

Length + Volume

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara

Hourglass Caution

Caution is very appropriately named because you might want to take caution when applying it, as in, prepare yourself emotionally for the shock of seeing how insane your lashes will look once it’s applied. Also, be prepared for a lot of people asking you if your lashes are real or not and then once you tell them it’s mascara and not falsies, they may just tackle you to the ground, savagely demanding you tell them the name of your mascara. For real though, this mascara is absolutely insane. The amount of volume and length you get is unreal, I’ve never seen another mascara do what it can. The thing with volumizing mascaras is that they usually always compromise on length and more often than not, they clump like crazy, with Caution though, it’s as lengthening as it gets with all the volume you can take. It seriously feels like black magic, like it defies all logic and each and every one of the laws of physics. It’s not for the faint of heart though, if you want a super natural look, I will just say this now, Caution is not for you. Caution is for the bold and brave, those who laugh in the face of danger. If you’re this type of person, you need Caution on your lashes, after all, it’s probably good to have a little bit of Caution in your wildlife, eh? 😉

Length + Natural Separation

Megaslim Skinny Mascara by Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild Megaslim

If you’re looking for a supernatural length from your mascara, look no further than Megaslim Skinny Mascara by Wet N Wild. This mascara is truly beautiful, it is one of the most natural-looking mascaras I’ve ever seen, yet it does not compromise on length whatsoever. The wand is super skinny and long which also makes it supremely easy to apply, which is super handy. If you’re new to using mascara I highly recommend Skinny Mascara because it’s so quick and easy to use. Although it’s a supernatural looking mascara, it packs a major punch when it comes to length and lift, in fact, I’d even say it compares to Roller Lash. Skinny Mascara is like Roller Lashes cool, hippy cousin. So whether you rock naturally beautiful lashes that won’t give a hint of a clumpy mascara look on the daily, or you want a natural lash for casual days, try Skinny Mascara, oh and guess what? I’m forgetting the best part, it’s only $4.99!

Length +Lift  + Definition (Closest Dupe for Roller Lash!)

L’OREAL Telescopic Mascara

L'OREAL Telescopic Mascara

Telescopic is the closest dupe for roller lash around. It gives you insane lift, curl, definition and of course, length. Telescopic has been one of my absolute favorite mascaras for years because of its beautiful effect on my lashes and that oh, so wonderful, drugstore price point. So if Roller Lash sounds like something for you but you aren’t so keen on its price, you NEED to get Telescopic in your life stat. The main areas where Roller Lash and Telescopic differ are separation and lift, Telescopic has a little bit less of these effects, however, I find that Telescopic actually has more volume and actual lengthening effects. So if you prefer volume and length over the other two qualities, you may even prefer it.

Length + Volume + Doll-Like Fanned Lash

Joah Eye Scream Mascara

Joah Eye Scream Mascara

Eye Scream Mascara, as if this mascara couldn’t get any better, the name itself is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I love this mascara for so many reasons and chief among them is it’s beautiful fanned out lash effect, it’s pure doll eyelashes in a tube. You need to try it to believe it and once you do, you’ll never turn back. It’s so funny because even though Eye Scream doesn’t give the fullest or most dramatic lashes you’ve ever seen, it will give you one of the most beautiful lash looks you’ll ever encounter. It’s such a gorgeous and unique look, it’s natural in a way, but so full that they’ll be no mistake that you’re wearing mascara. The best way I can think to describe it is to compare it to falsies, while it’s much less intense than actual falsies, of course, it gives the same type of look, just in a more natural way. It gives a fanned out, separated and intensely black and glossy look to your lashes that is usually only capable with a false lash.

Length + Natural Volume + No Clumps

L’OREAL Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

L'OREAL Double Extend Mascara

This mascara will give you gorgeous separation with beautiful volume and length with absolutely zero clumps in sight. It looks very natural and full, with beautiful curl and length. I would call it a natural version of Caution even. Double Extend is a tubing mascara, which is super cool. If you’re not familiar with tubing mascaras, here’s a quick rundown. Instead of coating the lashing with layers of pigment like regular mascara, tubing mascaras work by taking fibers and forming an actual tube over each lash, this technique makes for some of the most beautiful mascaras of all time and I personally love how easy they are to use. I’ve found that tubing mascaras also are extremely long-wearing, and when you wear one, you can rest assured that there will be absolutely no smudging or flaking to speak of. Also, tubing mascaras (unless waterproof) are super easy to remove, all you do is use warm water and gently wipe it off, could not be easier.

Double Extend comes with a step one and step two, the first step is to coat the lashes with the white primer and step two is the actual mascara itself. I’ve found that step one really isn’t necessary, it can add a barely detectable increase in volume, but this step decreases the lift a little bit, so I usually don’t apply it. Either way though, Double Extend is a truly excellent mascara that gives a naturally gorgeous lash look to die for.

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