The Nubian – By Juvia’s Place

Another day, another eyeshadow palette. It’s practically useless to avoid them, but if you do plunk your hard earned dollars down on one, make sure it’s worth it.

And that’s why I’m here, after all, I try them first so that you can purchase with confidence.

This next shadow palette that I’m going to introduce is a knockout, let me tell you. It’s what warm-toned brown shades dream of. Whether you want to create a smokey brown, a gorgeous cut crease with blinding metallic gold accent or simply a neutral toned “no makeup, makeup” look, this palette is your one-stop shop to warm brown golden perfection.

I give you the Nubian by Juvia’s Place.

Trust me, it looks even better in person, the shades are beyond gorgeous. The second you get it in your hands all you’ll want to do is swatch and just admire.

I love this palette not only for the beauty of the shadows but also for their ease in application. They are so blendable and buttery soft. I highly recommend applying them over a good primer though, something like Mac Paint Pot (I live for Soft Ochre), I’m also a huge fan of primer potion by Urban Decay. Also, you’ll want some good clean brushes that are soft. I have found that these two factors make a big difference in how these shadows wear, especially regarding how long they will last. The other thing to know is to go in with a soft touch, these shadows are pigmented to the max so a little goes a long way. Another important tip is to blend, blend, blend. I know everyone says that blending is key but with these, think about the usual time you spend blending and double it. A great tip I learned is to keep a clean eyeshadow crease brush handy to help blend out your outer edges and crease area. I know it sounds like a lot of extra work but just trust, it will take your eyeshadow game up to a new level.

And now for a tip that actually makes things easier and quicker (you’re most welcome my darlings). The metallics are perfect for the finger painting technique. Aka, once your eyeshadow is complete and you are ready to intensify your look with a metallic hue, all you need do is pick up some shadow on your finger and gently pat it on your lid-viola! Perfection. So simple, takes mere seconds and you just can’t go wrong. I love doing this when I want the drama of a cut crease but I don’t want to take the time and effort one must devote to a cut crease. What could be better? Not a question. 😉

Also some exciting news, Juvia’s Place is now available at Ulta and it’s currently listed for $20.

This palette seriously is a game changer, it’s top quality, what you would expect from much more high-end brands, at a seriously amazing price.

My grade: A

For the beautiful shades, ease of application and blendability. The long-lasting power and also because of how beautifully the metallics apply using only your fingers. I also love the super unique packaging, it’s such a fun and valuable addition to your makeup collection and for that price, well…the only question to ask is: what are you waiting for?

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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