The New Smokey Eyeshadow Palette That’s Absolutely Bulletproof, Fool-Proof and Dynamically Dynamite

I am a sucker for a smokey eye. After all, what’s sexier or more rock & roll than a perfectly, imperfect, effortlessly-cool smokey eye? Answer: nothing, absolutely nada. Smokey eyes make you feel powerful and hot, and ready to take on the world with a zero f*cks attitude that can accomplish anything.

However, as with most cool things, there’s a surprising amount of effort that one needs to put forth to get that ‘born-this-way’ cool look. Luckily, I’m here to simplify things. I’ve found an incredible eyeshadow palette that takes the hard work and difficulty of a smokey eye down from an 8 to about a 3. (Where 10 is a cut crease bright, colorful look with glitter, and 1 is just patting on a shimmer and adding a swipe of mascara).

I’ve found an amazing smokey palette by Makeup Revolution that has all the elements of a great smoked-out look. It’s called Reloaded Blackout. The colors are beautiful, long-wearing, the perfect balance of highly pigmented but still blendable, and they are 100% creaseless and bulletproof.

The Reloaded Blackout palette is incredible, whether you wear smokey looks on the daily or are considering trying out a smokey look for the first time, this palette needs to be in your life. With a few swipes of color, it will take you from Malibu Barbie boredom to Mick Jagger rock & roll.

This palette is nothing short of an actual rock star when it comes to performance. As in, it’s easy to apply, has excellent pigmentation that is also a dream to blend out (yes, even the darkest shades!). No patchiness that is so common with dark smokey shades. The shimmers are exceptionally easy; all you need is a finger (your own or a friend’s, not a stranger’s) to pat the color on your lid gently. No wetting brushes or cutting creases will be necessary.

Then there’s the staying power — my god! I’ll admit, I didn’t expect this from a drugstore brand, but man, these shades are freaking bulletproof. I’m talking a full 24 hours worth of wear without so much as a single hint of a crease. (Yes, I did test it out overnight and didn’t wash my face. Yes, I will be offering penance for this sin against the skin). I’m absolutely floored. Guys, I have super-duper oily skin, so if I can get 24-hour wear from an eyeshadow, that means serious business.

Then there are the colors. Let me just talk about the glorious colors for a second. They wear so well together and offer up so many beautiful color stories within the 15 shades. The palette is so cohesive, and there are no two shades that won’t look great together. (No small feat in the eyeshadow world!) And there’s something extra special about these shades too, they have these unique blue tones in the shadows, especially in the blue-greys. It’s not like a royal blue popping out, don’t worry. It’s just this soft hint of a dark-night-sky type of blue that’s added to the greys, and it’s just gorgeous.

I feel like the uniqueness of the cool tones, and the blue-tones really take this palette to the next level, allowing you to create truly unique smokey looks. It’s not your regular basic smokey palette that everyone else has, it’s a cool palette. It’s for those of us who like to express our unique taste, who dare to challenge the status quo.

And hey, it’s not like the little bit of blue tone is that radical, but you know what? It definitely stands out as a unique take on the smokey eye. It’s gorgeous. It’s bold. It’s pure rock & roll.

And if you’d rather stick to the traditional black smokey eyes, you can do that too, as this palette has gorgeous black shades that are perfect for blending out into a smokey eye. It also has a to-die-for gold, stunning silvers, a rich plum and a frosty white.

So if you’re looking for a killer smokey palette that’s as long-wearing as it is unique and dynamic, Reloaded Blackout is just what you need to get out there and really rock that sexy smokey eye.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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