The New $5 Brow Pencil That’s Just as Good (if Not Better!) Than its Much Pricier Competitors

Elf has done it again. Their new Ultra Precise Brow Pencil is only $5, but it can seriously compete with all the best sellers at Sephora (that are four to five times more expensive)! 

It’s ridiculously hard to find a drugstore brow product that can truly claim to be as good as killer brow products like Brow Whiz, (ABH), Precisely my Brow (Benefit), and Arch Brow Micro (Hourglass) just to name a few. But Ultra Precise from elf does just that.

I saw it right away when I tried it for the first time; it’s a big leagues product. As I continued to test it out, I couldn’t believe how good it was. I found myself continuously reaching for it, and after a while, I realized I was reaching past my other (much pricier) brow products. By now, I’m sold. It’s good as gold. It keeps those brows bold. (Sorry, my dad jokes just popped out there).

So what makes it so amazing you ask? The ease of use for one. You can’t go wrong, and there’s no learning curve. It’s just the right amount of pigmentation and texture. Not overly waxy, not too dry. If a product isn’t perfectly balanced and is too much or not enough of one of these factors, it can still be a good product, but it will be tricky to use. Too waxy, you’ve got to use a super light hand and be ready to blend. Too dry, you’ll end up getting frustrated with it and go in too heavy (and if it’s super dry, you’ll end up scratching your eyebrow area in a rage, or maybe that’s just me). 

This product is like the Goldilocks story, not too much or too little. It’s just right. It’s easy as pie to apply. (Jeez, the dad jokes are strong today). It’ll last all day. The spoolie is fantastic, both for brushing your brows into shape and for blending the product out to give a super natural look to your brows. 

So give the ole wallet a vacation for once and get the $5 brow product that’ll take your brows to that sweet, just-right, Goldilocks spot. 

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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