The Key to the Quickest, Most Gorgeous, and Completely Fool-Proof Eyeshadow Are Covergirl’s Incredible New Eyeshadow Sticks

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so should your windows have ugly frames? Certainly not. They should be lined with a beautiful array of colors to bring them out and make them pop. I’m speaking for souls everywhere, and they want you to know that you better frame them properly! 

Okay, silliness aside. Let’s talk eyeshadow. It can be so beautiful and can make your eyes look bigger, brighter and make the color of your eyes really pop. But, eyeshadow can also be super tricky to apply. So what do we reach for when we want a quick, but still super beautiful eyeshadow application? An eyeshadow stick, of course. But not just any shadow stick. If you reach for the wrong one you could get an eyeshadow look that smears, won’t last for more than an hour, gets an overly intense pop of color that won’t blend or come off or one that creases like crazy…the list of issues goes on.

But if you reach for the right one you could get a gorgeous pop of color that blends like a freaking charm, lasts all day, doesn’t smear a bit and will be what eyeshadow dreams are made of. 

Covergirl’s Trunaked Queenship Cream Shadow Stick will give you the most beautiful cream shadow ever. It’s the easiest to apply, you can even use your fingers, and it lasts all day. I love it so much that I’ve been actually using it instead of regular powder shadows because it truly gives the most gorgeous look to your eyes and it’s so quick and easy. (I’ve even applied it in the car, it’s that fool-proof). 

It comes in eight beautiful shades. I have two, but I’m definitely going to be buying more. It’s only $9.99 (thank the heavens). It’s literally as easy as swiping some on and then blending gently with your finger. I swear, I can do a full eyeshadow look in under a minute. Both eyes. It’s incredible. You can also use it under powder shadows as a primer, or over them as a liner. 

So give your beautiful soul what it deserves, a gorgeous frame. (Your soul doesn’t need to know that you did it in under a minute and it only cost you $9.99)! 

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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