Supergoop’s Shimmer Shades with SPF Look Gorgeous and they Protect your eyelids from sun damage

SPF for your eyelids - why wasn't this always a thing?!

Every summer (hopefully all year long too) we slather our precious skin in SPF. Nobody wants premature ageing or worse (skin cancer). No excuses. Don't even bring a tan near me unless it's faux. But with all this slathering and spraying of sunscreen, there's one area we have left by the wayside, our eyelids. Seriously, why hasn't there been a product to protect them before now?! And don't you dare say you can put regular sunscreen on your lids, I've tried that method and got my ass handed to me in the form of burning lids and stinging eyes that were as red as over-ripe tomatoes.

So all this to say, I'm overjoyed with Supergoop's SPF eyeshadows! This product is genius. Everyone should have it. It should be a staple in literally anyone who doesn't want skin cancer's makeup kit. Full stop. And guess what, it looks incredible too and is super easy to wear. There is no reason under the sun to not have this product.

supergoop SPF eyeshadow

Longwearing + Easy to Apply + Beautiful

These shadows are creamy, super easy to apply and offer a beautiful longwear. No primer necessary. They also look amazing under powders too. They give a soft shimmer that's very natural. They look gorgeous alone, or mixed with their other shades for added dimension. These shadows are perfect for any day when you want to prevent sun damage, and/or the days you want a stunning wash of color that's easy and quick to apply. You can apply them using your fingers (my favorite method since it's so quick) or a brush for a more precise application. Either way, you just cannot go wrong with these shadows.

Beautified and protected lids; it doesn't get any better

I cannot stress enough how amazing I think these shadows are, they protect your eyelids from sun damage. And they are beautiful. What more could you want from a product, honestly?! Go get these in your life. Save your lids from the sun, keep them smooth and melanoma-free. Now, go, go, go, go, go. (If you catch that reference, please email me, we're about to be best friends).

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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