Sephora’s New Clean Makeup Favorites Kit – Is It Worth It?

sephora clean favorites

Before we delve into the review, something needs to be established, and it's this, I'm not going to discuss anything regarding the "clean makeup" aspect. If you're buying it for the ingredients (or should I say lack of ingredients), or just because it's cute, that is your business. Health is hugely personal and just between you and your chosen health practitioner. My opinion on your health does not matter. So, that being said, the only thing I will discuss is the efficacy of the products. And here we go.


This cute little bundle of Sephora favorites comes with two full-sized and three travel-sized products. The small "pouch" (not sure why I'm putting that in quotations other than the fact that pouch is a gross and uncomfortable word) is less than useful as it's made of cardboard (aside from the zipper part). I get that it's recycled and all but for $29 I would have liked something I could keep and reuse. Oh well. Let's go over the products themselves and determine whether this kit is actually worth purchasing.

Kosas Sport Hyaluronic Lip Balm

In the Shade "Pulse"

This product gets an A in overall "cuteness" I love how it is packaged, the shape is great for slipping into your pocket or a small purse. It gets a B when it comes to the actual lip balm though, and sadly, an F in application. The balm itself is lovely; it feels a little tingly from the mint flavor. It's nicely moisturizing but not anything near a Chapstick type of feel. In fact, the mint (menthol) actually made my lips feel a bit dried out pretty quickly. If you've ever tried Burt's Bees tinted lip balms, this is almost identical FYI.

Now application, due to the shape, it's challenging to apply this balm. Unless maybe your lips somehow fit it perfectly (which mine do not), it's super awkward to apply and it also feathers out quickly, so it's just tough to keep it "in-between the lines".

Even after trying it several times, I still looked like a five-year-old applied my lipstick every time I used this. It felt nice, and I love the look of the product, but the lack of moisturization and the ridiculously tricky application brings the overall grade down to a D.

Kosas Sport Hyaluronic Lip Balm Overall Grade: D

Ilia Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment

In the shade Before Today

I love this little gem of a product. It's fantastic for using as a lip or cheek product (or anywhere else that you want a pop of color). It's got excellent color pay-off, meaning the pigmentation quality is excellent, very long-wearing, easy to apply and looks very natural on the skin. It's fantastic alone or under/over other makeup. I love the "natural flush" it gives my cheeks, just beautiful. It's incredible as a lip product as well. I love using it alone or with other lip products as it layers beautifully.

Ilia Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment Overall Grade: A

Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Eyeshadow Single

In Shade Rose Quartz

This product is good, but not great. However, if you use exclusively natural and clean makeup products, you will probably love it. The quality compared to many other clean makeup brands, is super high. Still, when compared to a brand like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pat McGrath, Colourpop or other industry high standards, it just does not compare.


It's a bit chalky, definitely needs a good eye primer if you want long wear, hard to apply using a brush and the shimmer is lacking.


I did find that applying it using a lightly wetted finger (as in just put your finger on a damp washcloth for a second and apply) got the best wear and application. Overall, I'm very underwhelmed.

Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Overall Grade: C-

Tarte Surfer Curl Mascara

In Shade Rose Quartz

This mascara surprised me. I usually have pretty lackluster experiences from clean mascara. These mascaras just typically do not compare to their non-natural competitors. However, Tarte's Surfer Curl Mascara can definitely get in the ring with the best of them. Holy Cannoli’s, guys. She's the real deal. It's volumizing as all hell, holds a curl like a mean grudge, lifts and lengthens to the high heavens and separates without clumps.

I love this mascara. I honestly was surprised to find myself reaching for it over many of my Holy Grails even.

Tarte Surfer Curl Mascara Overall Grade: a

Lilah B Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil

Shade b.elegant

What an excellent concept for a lip product, a tinted oil, I love it. Yes, it's been done before, but usually not as well as this. Lilah B makes fabulous products, and this is no exception.

The lip oil gives great color and even better moisturization to your lips. It lasts for hours and feels decadently comfortable on your lips. It also smells and tastes good too! I am definitely going to be purchasing this in the full size (and quite possibly in multiple shades!).

Lilah B Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil Overall Grade: A

RMS Beauty Living Glow Face and Body Powder

Shade Living Glow


I don't usually like loose highlighting powders, but I found myself loving this one. It's not chalky at all (like so many can be), and it's surprisingly versatile. It's lovely as a regular highlighter, but also great for using as an eyeshadow!


I also found that depending on how you apply; it can be significant under makeup to give a subtle lit-from-within glow or over makeup for the regular type of highlighting. I also use it on my brow bone, cupid's bow and shoulders!


Another great trick is to put some of your favorite body lotions on your palms, then sprinkle a little of this powder over, mix it and apply to your body for a beautiful, subtle and natural glow!


RMS Beauty Living Glow Face and Body Powder Overall Grade: A

Final Thoughts, is The Clean Makeup Kit Worth it?


Overall, this kit has some fabulous products, A couple of duds, but some real gems too. I think it's a great way to test out some clean makeup products so if you're thinking of getting into that; I would definitely go for this kit. If you usually use clean makeup, you will probably find that the Iliah and Lilah b products are some of the best you've tried. If you're comparing the other products in this kit to different clean makeup, you might find them actually to be pretty decent as well. The trouble with the Aether Beauty eyeshadow and the K0osa Sport lip balm is really if you're comparing them to ultra-high performing makeup. Not to knock natural makeup, but the reality is, most of it just doesn't hold a flame to "regular" high-quality makeup.


Final thoughts, this is a great kit. If you like natural makeup, definitely buy it. The only products I didn't love were the balm and eyeshadow anyways, and most people will already have those in their kits, so it won't really matter anyway. (Or you can buy ones for a really low price that are much better quality than these). The real winners are the lip oil, mascara, multi-pigment and highlight. They are fabulous. You will love them. The kit is cute, it's clean (if you're into that), you can't go wrong.

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