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The Intro

Ahh, gimmicky mascaras. They are fun, intriguing, and usually somewhat silly. When we wear mascara we want lashes that go the extra mile, that look as close to false lashes as possible. Isn’t that the definition of a winning mascara, one that makes it look like you have falsies on? Yes, yes it is. So since usually, no matter how good a mascara is it doesn’t get too close to flash lashes, we for some reason think that maybe a gimmicky, weird-looking mascara has some wild trick to it that will make it outperform a regular mascara. That’s why we buy the gimmicky ones, and it’s why I got Unlimited by L’OREAL ($12.99 Ulta). Did it perform better than regulars, did it have some wild trick to it that resulted in falsie dreams? Short answer, truthful answer, no.

The Down and Dirty on Unlimited Mascara by L’OREAL – Are its Sleeves Empty or Full of Tricks?

If this mascara was a magician, it would be one of those discount types that you find on Groupon that boasts of card tricks and an impressive Dumbledore beard, and well he sounds nice on paper, he gives major creeper vibes in person. In other words, if you were looking for the David Blain of mascaras, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. Now I feel bad for bashing it because Unlimited is not a bad mascara per se, the thing is it has these cool gimmicky features that make it look special, but it’s just not.

The trick it offers is the ability to shift the position of the wand, from straight to bent at about a 45-degree angle. It was inspired by the “hack” of bending the wand and this trick is supposed to give you better control over your mascara application. Does it work? I mean, I guess so, it feels a little easier to apply your mascara like this, but does that ease result in a better performing mascara? Not necessarily.

I’ve found that what really makes the difference with mascara is how you apply it. Are you starting at the roots and wiggling your way up, are you giving several coats, are you making sure to get the tips of your lashes? These techniques are what will make or break your mascara application, having a bent wand, while it might make reaching the inner corner a little easier, it doesn’t have a huge impact. Also, if you do really like the bent wand, congratulations, you can just bend the wand of your favorite mascaras. No one is stopping you (unless you have a particularly unyielding wand of steel).

Unlimited Mascara claims to give you super-duper long lashes that are clump-free, and they say that if you use the wand in the straight position, you’ll get lengthened lashes and if you bend it like Beckham, you’ll get lots of lift. They also say that bending it is great for lower lash application and of all it’s claims, this last one holds the most truth.

The Scoring 5.5/10

It’s average, through and through with a half-point more for the bendy feature, which does make it mildly easier to use and it can be nice for the lower lashes. However, there are just so many mascaras out there that are head and shoulders above Unlimited. In fact, one might say that there are an unlimited number of mascaras that are better. (I’m sorry L’OREAL, for the cheekiness, but it was necessary).

The raw truth of it is that you can do so much better. Never settle for average man, you are worth more than that. I mean sure, it lengthens, it gives volume, it’s pretty nice on clumps (none in sight unless you start going for more than three coats) and the bending factor is cool. I honestly found that the best thing about the bendy feature has nothing to do with mascara usage, rather it can be great for boredom. It’s really fun to just take it out and play with it, flipping it up and down, if you have time to kill and nothing better to do, it’s great. But overall, I can instantly think of far superior mascaras of all price points (including much cheaper!) And there’s not a chance in hell that the bendy gimmick makes it worth it. So sorry.

The Pros and Cons

  1. It’s fun. Fun to play with, fun to use, even fun to look at.
  2. It’s cute. I like the unique look, it’s cool.
  3. It doesn’t really clump unless you push it and go for more than a couple layers (which I always do).
  4. The bendy feature makes it easier to control, which makes for a more precise application.
  5. The bendability makes it easier to coat the inner few lashes.
  6. It’s also really nice for the lower lashes.
  1. The mascara as a whole is underwhelming. It is nothing more than “Okay” and “Nice”. It’s as average as it gets. Not a terrible mascara by all means, but definitely not a stand out either.
  2. The packaging and tube itself look and feel cheap.
  3. It’s super gimmicky and if that’s not your thing, you won’t have a fun time with it.
  4. You can get away better mascara for a lot less dinero so, in my mind, it’s not really worth it in any way unless you just love bendable wand mascaras.

Tips & Tricks

Sorry my babe, L’OREAL, I love you, I do, but my one and only tip here is to get a better mascara and if you love the bendy feature, just bend the wand of your favorite mascara.

Hannah Flack
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