Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel – A Review

The Intro 

I am a victim of the ’90s and early 2000s skinny brows. I will never forget the time I plucked them until I had like 35 brow hairs left. My tweezers were my weapon of choice and I went after my brows with an absolute vengeance, of which I am still paying the price. 

Thankfully, nowadays, my brows are lightyears better, however, I definitely need all the help I can get from brow products to make my brows look truly full and shapely. Brow gels can be tricky, I feel like the first ones were almost like mascara for brows and it would leave them so crunchy, right? There’s also the brow gels that are way to pigmented and will cling to certain brow hairs more than others, leaving you with a bizarre ombre look. And then there are gems of brow gels that are the perfect blend of color and hold. And then there’s Kush Fiber Brow Gel by Milk Makeup that not only has the perfect pigmentation and hold, but it’s also got natural hemp oil that is good for your brows and can help them to actually grow! #signmeup #skinnybrowsnomore #goodbye2000sbrows

The Down and Dirty on a True Triple Threat Eyebrow Gel

Kush Fiber rocks my brow hair’s socks because of how great the color is, not too much, not too little, how evenly it coats each hair, and how perfect the texture is – it’s not crunchy at all, nor is it wet. As far it helping grow my brow hair, I actually am pretty sure it holds true to this claim. I have been using it for about five months now and yes, I know there will be some natural growth during this time, but compared to my growth with other brow gels, it’s significant. I also notice that it not only makes my brows look fuller, as, in more brow hairs than I actually have, but it also makes the brow hairs look more volumized. Like each hair itself is bigger. I don’t know how they do it, but Kush Brow Gel is on another level with those borderline magic powers. 

Milk Makeup Kush Brow Gel

The Breakdown

Kush Fiber Eyebrow Gel is $15 for .15 oz. It comes in 8 shades. It’s a vegan formula with heart-shaped fibers that help give that super full look and it’s packed with hemp-derived cannabis oil that is super conditioning. Milk Makeup says that the hemp oil fuses the heart-shaped fibers to the brow hairs, and to think of this brow gel as more of a hair conditioning mask than just a makeup product. The nourishing ingredients marry the pigments for an ultra-beautiful and healthy result that is quite frankly, to die for. 

The Scoring 10/10 

It’s everything an eyebrow gel should be (plus it’s everything I had been looking for in an eyebrow gel for so long!) and, it’s packed with super great, healthy ingredients that not only deliver super beautiful results, but they make your eyebrows healthier and can aid in helping them to grow faster. Win, win, win. It’s the best brow gel I’ve ever found. Ever. And I swear, my brows have never grown so fast as they do when I’m using Kush Brow Gel. The proof is in the pudding my babes and I am here for it. 

Pros and Cons

It’s a 10/10. We know what that means, no cons. Yes please and thank you, ma’am. 

Tips and Tricks

  1. Swipe the product on gently, using short, upward strokes to evenly coat each brow hair. 
  2. If using an eyebrow pencil or pomade, I suggest you go in with the brow gel as your last step to seal in the shape of the brow hairs and to give them more fullness and definition.
  3. Kush brow gel is also great to use as a standalone brow product, no brow pencil necessary. If you already have a great brow shade and you are looking to keep the hairs in place and perhaps give them a little more fullness, this product is your gal. It will take your natural gorgeous brows to places of fullness you never thought possible, all while maintaining your beautiful shape until you wash it off. 
Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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