Review: Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder

When it comes to contouring, not all products are created equal. Some (most) will leave you looking like a little child who played in the mud, others will…wait no, actually most of them will leave you looking muddy, patchy and busted. All while making it glaringly obvious that you tried (and royally failed) to be a contour queen. #embarrasednation

The key to looking like Michelangelo himself chiseled your cheekbones is finding the right sculpting powder and trust me, that is no easy feat. Fortunately, I searched high and low for literally years and have found the mother of all sculpting magic. To be honest, I was aware of this product, but I ran from it (or rather tried to find cheaper dupes) for several years because it’s expensive as fudge. But let me tell you, usually the phrase “you get what you pay for” is truer than true and when it comes to contour products, it’s as true as the bible (Vogue) itself. 

Look, there are some cosmetic products where you can get away with a less expensive option, there are even products where the cheaper version is actually superior. And it’s fabulous when that happens. I live for it. But as we all know, there are certain times in life where you have to pay the piper, and when you want perfect Mario Dedivanovic-esque contour, the piper’s price is hefty. But it’s worth it, so, so worth it.

The key to a good contour is the shading. You are trying to make certain features “recede” (aka hollow out the area under your cheekbones to make your face look slimmer, reshape your forehead, make your lips look bigger, slimmerize your nose and more…) and what does an artist do when they are painting a portrait and want these effects? They use a color that mimics a natural shadow effect. We’re talking about a very specific shade that has the perfect combination of soft natural brown and a grey tone. But that’s not all, the shade has to blend perfectly and it has to be soft enough to not disturb the makeup underneath. (Often times the brushes you use with contour products can be firmer and stiffer than the brushes usually used for face products like blush and powder brushes that lay the product on super gently). You also need a product that has super staying power! You do not want the contour lines falling down your face as the day goes on…droopy/sagging cheeks? No thanks, Felicia.

I have tried and tested contour products like Edison tried new materials to make the lightbulb. Creams, powders, drugstore, high end, gimmicky, all of it. The best that I have ever tried is hands down, the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpt in Medium.

It does everything mentioned above of what a great contour needs to do and more. I score it a 10/10. It’s the best for a reason, it’s foolproof, so easy to use and it will make you look incredible. And most of all, it gives the perfect natural shadow like effect so that your sculpting work remains hidden and you won’t look like an over-eager Kim K wannabe. Instead, you’ll look like your gorgeous self, but more beautiful than you ever thought possible all while looking natural. That’s the beauty of this product, it’s perfect for a “no makeup, makeup day”, it’s so undetectable, but its effects are just beautiful and flawless, making you out to be your best, most beautiful self.

I purchased it in the travel size at Sephora as they didn’t have the full size available and this is something I highly recommend you do! For one, it’s cheaper so it’s a perfect way to try out the product and see how you’ll like it and as a bonus, you also get the highlight which is incredible as well (review coming later)!

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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