Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh Hydrating Illuminator Gives the Most Beautiful Natural Glow Ever

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If you're looking for a subtle highlighter that gives off an almost barely discernible lit-from within glow, your search is over. Colourpop's Pretty Fresh Hydrating Illuminator will make your skin look so deliciously beautiful, it'll just have this glow, like you can't quite put your finger one what exactly is causing it. I'm not going to list reasons for why one might look extra glowy and naturally flushed because this is a family friendly space, but go ahead and let that imagination do it's dirty work.

This product is kind of in a world of it's own, it's one of those special products that does behind the scenes work, it makes your skin look it's best, while still looking natural, almost like it's not even there at all. I recommend it to anyone, if you have skin, and you want it to look better that its ever looked, this product is for you. Read below for the beautiful ways to wear it.

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Gorgeous ways to wear Pretty Fresh Hydrating Illuminator

  • Wear it alone, no makeup necessary. If you want to add a pop of glow to your skin and give yourself a natural-looking radience this product is all you need. Go ahead and add a little drop and then blend with your fingers or a sponge.
  • Mix it in with your favorite moisturizer and add anywhere that you want to add a subtle glow to, this works beautifully on your face either alone or under makeup. You can also mix it into your body moisturizer!
  • Mix it into your foundation or tinted moisturizer. I cannot stress how beautiful this product is when mixed into your favorite foundation, it just adds this gorgeous glow that's super natural, but radiant and bright.
  • Wear it under your makeup. After your moisturizer and primer (if you wear these products that is) add pretty fresh illuminator anywhere you would regularly use a highlighter, such as your cheekbones, cupids bow, bridge of the nose and area right above your eyebrows. Then go ahead and put your foundation on as usual, the results will speak for themselves with the most beautiful lit-from-within glow you've ever seen.
Pretty Fresh Colourpop

Last but not least

You can of course, wear this product like your regular highlighter, over your makeup on the areas of the face that you usually highlight. I love using it that way, but due tot the subtle nature of this product, as you can see from my photo, it really does lean towards the "nature glow" side of highlighters. The photo makes it look less glowly than it really is, the beauty of it is how it looks with movement and different types of lighting. But this is no blinding highlight, so I prefer to mix it with other products or keep it for the more natural looking days.

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