PHLUR Fragrance – Greylocke – Review

Let’s talk fragrance ya’ll. I love perfume so much. Honestly, there’s nothing else like the beautiful feeling when you finally find that perfect fragrance that fits you so right it feels like it was made just for you.

But you know what sucks? It’s not that simple. Raise your hand if you’ve found such a fragrance to only be later disappointed when it A) evaporates into thin air after a couple of hours, B) gives you lovely little hives and itchies for days or C) costs as much as a mortgage payment.

I’m raising my hand high. I am cursed with finding perfumes that are as beautifully fragrant as they are itchy and short wearing. It’s super weird too because I generally don’t have crazy sensitive skin.

So I’m sure you know exactly where I’m going with this, yes. I found the perfect fragrance for me that lasts all flippin’ day and doesn’t irritate my skin one little bit. And without further ado, Imma intro you to my new obsession: it’s called Greylocke by Phlur. (resisting a phrase about it rocking my world – you are welcome).

The breakdown: A+

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet, I love this for so many reasons. Phlur basically takes everything a perfume should be and leaves out all the garbage that it shouldn’t be. No nasty parabens and gross bad-for-you chemicals. LOVE. It lasts all day without the need for reapplication. SCORE. The scent is just gorgeous but I won’t talk too much about that since to each their own, I want to focus on the quality and what makes this fragrance unique. The packaging is hardy, as in it’s not some flimsy delicate bottle. FINALLY. While those cute little bottles may look beautiful as all hell, they are honestly so annoying, you’re trying to always be careful to not knock it over or drop it on the floor. Not with this baby. It’s also a square shape which is nice because it’s resting safely on a flat bottom (lol) and it’s convenient storage and space-wise. I also love the sleek, sexy, minimalist design.

One more special thing about this fragrance: PHLUR has a brilliant way for you to get into their fragrances and experience them from the comfort of your own home. Which is just quite frankly how it all should be done. How can you decide on a fragrance at the actual store?! It gets so overwhelming, spraying the tester strips, trying not to lose or mix them up and then trying to keep your self from mixing up the scents. Huffing the coffee beans like an absolute addict. You know the drill. It’s lame, makes you look silly and just isn’t an efficient or accurate way to find the fragrance of your dreams. What you need is a little tester vile so you can apply the perfume and actually wear it all day. That way you can see how it develops on your skin, the lasting power, if it irritates your skin and of course, if you actually fall in love with the fragrance.

Phlur does all this for you but also takes it to the next level by giving you several different fragrances to try so you can compare and contrast to pick your absolute favorite. For $18 you get to pick 3 fragrances (they have 8 total) you think you’ll love or you can choose from their curated sets. Each of the 3 scents comes in a little 2mL sprayer which is the perfect amount to try out a fragrance (actually it’s way more than you’ll need so it’s great because you’ll have some leftover and you can use it as a purse size spray). And guess what there’s more, when you pick your favorite fragrance and buy the full size, they let you subtract the $18. Umm yes, please. Can every other company on god’s green earth operate like this, please?

Tips and Tricks:

To make your fragrance last longer: apply some type of moisturizer (not fragranced) to the area you are about to spray. Although I will say, I never do this because Phlurfragrances last allllll day for me. I do use this technique with some of my other fragrances and I like to use a Lanolin based cream for it. Lanolin is a super heavy-duty moisturizer, it’s similar to the feel of a petroleum-based product like Vaseline but it’s not petroleum-based, enough said.

Another tip: placement, we all know the Coco Chanel quote: spray your perfume wherever you want to be kissed…without getting inappropriate let’s just say I don’t do this. Did I already go too far somehow? Sorry, mom if you’re reading this. I spray on places where my pulse points are, wrists, elbows, sides of the neck and if I’m feeling fancy, my general chest area. The pulse points help keep the fragrance Poppin (thanks heart for your ever incredible work) and help it last all day as well.

Final tip: If you want to really do something cool with your fragrance I suggest spraying a little bit in your hair. Now I’m not talking about doing it for the explicit purpose of scenting the shit out of your hair, no. That’s weird and gross and probably not good for your hair babe. I’m just talking about putting a tiny little spritz in for a special occasion and using this method to enhance your perfume. You know a lil ole hair toss and you’ve got a fresh new whiff of that incredible fragrance, mmmhmmm. What I do to make this extra effective and to minimize any damage to the precious hair, is to only do this right after you shower. Put your regular hair products on first and then before you dry simply flip your head upside down and give yourself a spray and thank me later.

Ok last but not least. Here’s my description of Greylocke.

Picture this: You’re up in the North West Coast area (US of A), walking through a forest, towards the beach. It’s early morning. It’s a crisp day, the subtle breeze is cool and sharp as it hits your lungs, but it’s also moist with the semi-heavy layer of ocean mist that starts to dissipate as you get closer to the sand and shoreline. As you walk through the tall pines you take in the scents, the moss covering the tree trunks, the wet, rich earth, the smell of the salty, fresh ocean air. It does more than just fill your lungs, it feeds your soul in that replenishing deep way that only nature can. Your feet have now found the sand and you see the ocean, you walk to the water’s edge, dip your toes in and take in the start of the sunrise. The brightness of the sun is too much for your eyes so you start to walk along the shoreline. You come across a fallen tree, now a beautiful piece of driftwood beginning to petrify, it’s covered in moss and saltwater residue. As you walk towards it you notice the soft steam rise as the sun’s rays meet the bark. Take a step closer, lean in and take a deep breath, fill your lungs until they are satisfied.

That’s Greylocke and the journey that it takes me on each time I wear it. Kid you not.

And just so you know I’ve been searching for this exact fragrance for years before I finally found Greylocke so now you can see how special it is to me and how much it meant to me that it had clean, high-quality ingredients that didn’t irritate my skin. Could you imagine finding a fragrance that smelled this perfect only to find out that it doesn’t last throughout the day or worse that it causes itchiness and hives? Been there too many times. So thank you Phlur for giving me such an incredible fragrance experience. Love your deeply appreciative customer.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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