Pat McGrath’s Sublime Perfection Powder and Primer are Total Knockouts

Photographic magic

I recently wrote a review of Pat's Sublime foundation. In it, I covered how this foundation photographs better than any other makeup product I have ever used. It's revolutionary. I have no idea what the exact magic is, all I know is that I will never, ever, for any reason, whatsoever (hi fellow Office fans) be caught in front of a camera lens without this stuff. 


So naturally, I had to try the matching Powder and Primer. I didn't think the foundation could get any better, but by golly, if there's a way to make my skin look better in a photograph, you bet your darn cute behind, I'll find it. 


Let's go over the Primer first; after all, it comes first. (That's what she said. Ok, I'm done). 

pat mcgrath sublime powder and primer

Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Primer Grade: 9.5/10

This Primer is the real deal. If you want your skin to photograph beautifully, sublime perfection primer will knock your socks right off. It does everything a primer should do, but like, for real. 


Primers are like political candidates. They promise this, and they promise that. But once you actually pick one and see what it will really do, the promises fall flat and get left by the wayside. While politicians promise things like jobs, healthcare and lowering taxes, primers promise hydration, smoothing, oil control, soft glow, and the ability to prolong the wear of your foundation. For the most part, primers, like politicians, deliver at best, negligible results. And at their worst, they actually make things worse


There's a certain infamous primer that immediately comes to mind that is known to make foundation rub off really fast. (*cough* Benefit Porefessional *cough*). Primers can also make your skin super oily or dry depending on your skin type and the consistently of the Primer. All this to say, when it comes to Primer, more likely than not, the one you are considering is actually not going to give you any results, and you're better off without it. Seriously, I'd say out of every ten primers out there; only 2ish are legit. The rest either won't do a damn thing (except in the worst circumstances where they have a negative impact). Let's get back to the Primer at hand though, after all, you already know based off my score of 9.5/10 that it's one of the two primers that are legit. This Primer is, you guessed it, too legit TO QUIT. Sublime Perfection Primer not only fulfils her promises, but she also exceeds all expectations, much like Pat's foundation, where she really shines is in photographs. 


I'm telling you, if you like photographing well, GET THIS FREAKING LINE BY PAT. Wear it on your face. Take photos. You will not be sorry. 

They just look amazing in photographs; I don't know what the magic is, all I know is that believe in it. I saw it; I experienced it; there's no faith required here.

The proof is in the pudding, and it looks un-freaking-real. If you want your skin to look airbrushed, filtered, the best it's ever been, get this foundation and Primer (the powder too, but I'll get to that in a minute). That's the bottom line. It's where the buck stops. 

pat mcgrath primer

The only reason it gets the 9.5 instead of 10 is just due to the high-as-all-hell price. It's as steep as it gets. Also, for such a price, I would like for the packaging to be a tad bit nicer. The sticker tends to lift at the edges, and that drives me batty. I guess I could just get some super glue and stick it back on, but for $60, come on, no. That's the only complaint though, and I wish there were more, so I did not have to buy it. But once I saw how great it made me look in photos, I had to have it. Once you see the results, there is no going back. It's the law. 

Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Powder Grade: 10/10

This powder is like the icing on a cake. Is it necessary? Technically no, the cake will still taste great and serve its function (feeding us that tasty hit of sugary-packaged serotonin), but the frosting is what makes it special. And you know what, some people would argue that without the frosting, the cake is just a loaf. A LOAF. 


Is that what you want your face to be? Like frosting, this powder serves more than just to be a pretty finishing touch. It takes everything to the next level; it's what garners the oohs and awes. 


As discussed, the Sublime perfection Primer and Foundation are the most revolutionary products when it comes to beautiful photography. This powder is no exception. She will make your photographs look that much better, taking the incredible power of the Primer and foundation to the next, unbelievably beautiful level. Like I said with the previous products, I do not understand the magic, but I don't need to, I experienced it for myself. And it's amazing. My skin has never looked better in photos. (Real-life too, but is that what really matters in this digital life? Someday our grandkids are going to pour through our Instagram feeds and I sure as hell don't want them to look at my skin and saying "Oh god, I hope I don't inherit Grandma's bad skin". I want them begging God to bless them with my perfect skin!). 

pat mcgrath powder

Long-lasting Perfection

Now let's get into the glorious nitty-gritty of why the powder is deserving of its name: Sublime Perfection. The powders main job is to set the foundation, make it look more natural and help it to last throughout the day without smearing or sliding off, which this powder does beautifully.

However, some powders also have an airbrushed-like effect where it blurs the skin's imperfections and gives a soft and natural glow to the skin. Of course, Sublime Perfection does both. Times a thousand. 

pat mcgrath powder

I have never been able to use such a tiny amount of powder to set my skin. You only need the tiniest, most minuscule amount to both sets your foundation and add that glorious filer effect that makes your skin look incredible in photographs. I usually have to bake my foundation (adding a super-heavy powdering that sits on the skin for ten minutes to really set the foundation before it is dusted off) and then add even more powder before I'm done. My skin is oily, and I have a hard time getting foundations to set in a natural-looking way, so I go through powders as I go through cheeses. (At an absolutely alarming rate that certain friends have deemed "unhealthy and distressing").

Thankfully, Sublime Perfection Powder has finally given me the ability to powder my face as I've always wanted to. Just a little dusting and I'm done. It's an absolute first for me, and I will not be looking back. 


I know the price is high, but I will not dock points for it. This powder is so good that honestly, they could charge more. It will give you the best photos of your life for one and two since you only need trace amounts, it actually lasts really well. So yes, it's expensive, but you get a lot more bang for your buck compared to other powders. 


I use it regularly, whenever I'm going to be photographed or if I'm going someplace where I need my skin to look it's best and despite the frequent usage, it seems like I hardly touched it. I'm calling that a win. 


Here's the bottom line, if your face is going to end up in photographs, you need the Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection line. It's the law, don't cross it. All photos without it can only be described as good, not great. And you don't even know how great your photographs could be until you try Sublime Perfection. I'm telling you when you see your photos with the Sublime Perfection line on; you'll be stunned—stopped dead. Knocked the F&$%CK out. 
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