No Makeup Collection is Complete Without Sultry by Anastasia Beverly Hills – The Must-Have Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

The Intro

No matter where you fall on the makeup expertise ladder, whether you’re a beginner who prefers natural “no-makeup, makeup” looks or you’re a total pro who can wield a makeup brush like a true warrior with a sword, slaying colorful looks like it’s nothing, you’re going to want Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new neutral palette Sultry. Nay and I say this with confidence, you need it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette

The Down and Dirty on Sultry – A Palette That Will Take You to The Next Level

Sultry is a game-changer, here’s why. Once you get it in your hands and start using it, you’ll notice your eye shadow looks not only improve, but they get miraculously easier. You’ll feel like somehow while you were sleeping the makeup fairies snuck into your brain and uploaded a ton of makeup skills and knowledge.

When you’re applying eyeshadow you’ll feel like you suddenly became a pro is what I’m saying. It’s the real deal. The key to bomb-ass eyeshadow is 90% blending, which includes using transition shades properly. This holds true for both colorful and neutral looks. So Sultry took these principles of good eyeshadow into account and produced an eyeshadow that should be the backbone of any makeup enthusiast’s eye look.

Sultry gives you the perfect transition shadows. And I mean, PERFECT.

There aren’t any shades that they left out. No matter your skin tone, no matter what look you are creating, you won’t need any other transition shades and you would be hard-pressed to find any others that will blend as seamlessly and perfectly as Sultry’s will. Yes, I realize I am overusing the word perfect here, but there’s just no other word that can accurately describe Sultry. It’s the essence of perfection. (Ok, I’m done).

They have five transition shades. FIVE beautiful shades that will compliment and perfect any eye look. They have a beautiful light bone shade called Fresh, there’s a gorgeous lightly warm brown shade called Birch, there’s a perfect taupe that I am OBSESSED with, Twig, then there’s a rich dark brown, Dystopian and a gorgeous grey, Slate.

And then, of course, there are the rest of the other gorgeous colors as well.

The Breakdown

Sultry is a beautifully designed 14 pan eyeshadow palette. It retails for $45 of the best dollars you’ll ever spend. They have 7 shimmer shades and 7 mattes. They also include a double-sided eyeshadow brush. The palette itself is gorgeous, one that you’ll for sure want to display. #mantle #moveoverfamilyphotos

It’s encased in a soft brown and amber sparkly case with light-gold lettering. I’m telling you guys, if you don’t put it out on the mantle, you’re going to want to at least build it a display case. And before I move onto the scoring, I need to give one of the absolute standout shades a shout out. Noir, you guys. If you want a perfect matte black that is just the right shade of black, that’s rich and deep but still blendable…Noir is it. I haven’t been able to find a matte black shade like this before. What sets Noir apart is its blendability, it’s freaking PERFECTION. It doesn’t blend away like so, so, so many black eyeshadows do. It’s just what you wish your other matte blacks would be. I’m telling you it’s everything. More in Tips & Tricks.

The Scoring 9.5/10

Okay, I know you’re wondering, why a 9.5, what is that half a point off business?! I’ll get right to it. The only reason Sultry didn’t get a full 10 is because of Dystopian, if all the other shades got individual grades they’d get A’s, but my little friend Dystopian, the dark brown shade just isn’t quite A material. But he’s close, the only issue is that compared to his friends, he’s a little harder to blend out. It’s not really that much of an issue at all, but it isn’t perfect, so no 10 here. How to mitigate Dysopian’s shortcomings is an easy fix though, just make sure that when you grab the shade on your brush, make sure to knock off the excess and then be ready to do a little extra blending.

Otherwise, I’m happy to say, Sultry is a perfect 10. Ahhhh, long, happy sigh. Doesn’t it just feel good to say with confidence that something is a perfect 10? There’s something beautiful about realizing you’re in the presence of perfection. It’s rare after all, especially in the world of makeup. There are so, so many products that fall short. So save your money, save your time and don’t fall for anything less than perfection, do your research before buying and do yourself a massive favor, the next time you go for an eyeshadow, invest in Sultry. It’ll make all the difference in your current and future looks. Sultry is also fantastic as a stand-alone palette, it’s amazing for neutral, no-makeup type looks, it’s also great for smokey eyes, and those shimmers, my god are they lovely as ever. Sultry truly has it all, it’s a triple threat. It makes other neutral palettes quiver in fear, so go forth and treat your self to the eyeshadow palette of your neutral, your smokey, your shimmery eyeshadow dreams. You deserve it.

The Pros and Cons


  1. Everything. It’s what an eyeshadow palette should be, quality, quality, quality.
  2. Performance, performance, performance.
  3. Blendability is perfection.
  4. Long-lasting, primer or not, it’ll last all day and into the night. If you’ve got oily lids like me, use a primer, it’s that simple.
  5. The shimmers are unreal. So beautiful. You can use them like finger paints, either layers over mattes or on their own. They are so easy to use and so much fun.
  6. Noir is everything. Perfect as a liner, for smokey eyes, for blending out your liner, there’s nothing it can’t do.
  7. The packaging is on another level. Listen up all other eyeshadow palettes of the future, please take a look at what ABH is doing and do yourself a favor, get on their level.


  1. Just that little issue with Dystopian. It’s a little harder to blend out than the others. But like I said, just make sure you knock off the excess and do a little extra blending and you’re good to go.

Tips & Tricks

  1. As promised, videos that are super helpful with blending. Here are two super great videos on blending eyeshadow, they are great for beginners and as a refresher for seasoned makeup enthusiasts as well. First one is blending 101 by Jacylnn Hill. The second is from Tati Westbrook, this is another great video on blending.
  2. I wanted to include a couple of videos where makeup artists feature the Sultry Palette, these videos are great for giving you ideas and inspiration for beautiful looks you can create using your new palette. The first is from Brianna Fox, here she gives us a smokey eye to die for. The next is from Mel Thompson, she gave us two absolutely gorgeous looks and she reviews it as well.
  3. Noir tips. Noir is the perfect black matte, it’s so freaking versatile and I love it with the passion of a thousand suns. Its uses include eyeliner, that’s right, use it in place of your regular pencil or liquid liners, it’s just that pigmented. If you want to up the pigmentation, try wetting your brush a little prior to use. Use Noir to set and intensify your regular liner, if you want to get an insane longwear out of your regular eyeliner, try setting it with Noir. Oh my god, I die for this technique. It just intensifies and keeps my eyeliner perfected for ages and ages. You need to try it, NEED TO.
  4. Another Noir tip: Smokey eyes. Noir will give you the smokey eyes you’ve always dreamed of. It’s the perfect mix of intensity, while still being able to blend out beautifully. You can use it over other shadows as your darkest shade and you can also use it alone if you want a super intense smokey eye. It’s also great to use alone if you want a really quick, perfectly imperfect, smudged out smokey eye. Start this look with a dense smudge brush, use Noir to line your upper and lower lash lines, then using the same brush, grab a little more Noir and start smudging out those same lines, subtly dragging out the liner towards your middle eyelid, stopping at the crease. Grab more Noir and continue this process focusing on your outer lid, focus the color on the outer V area (your outer lid, going up into the crease). The last step, grab a soft transition color on a crease brush and start blending away. Just blend everywhere, don’t be stingy. Put on a fun song and when it’s over, you’re done blending. And hey guess what, you’ve got a perfect smokey eye. *insert sounds of Owen Wilson saying WOW*
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