NikkieTutorials x BEAUTY BAY Pressed Pigment Palette is Absolutely Incredible

If you're not familiar with NikkieTutorials, you are seriously missing out. First of all, she's the queen of makeup. Her talents are just divine; watching her do makeup is akin to being present while Michelangelo was sculpting David. I not only watch her videos for the educational value but also just because I'm always in awe of her creative abilities. She's a real artist when it comes to makeup; also, she is a lovely person, inside and out, and her content is as fun and uplifting as it is educational.


So, if you're looking to up your makeup skills, whether you want to learn basic or more advanced skills, Nikkie is your girl.


Nikkie is also the one to turn to for a new incredible eyeshadow palette. She recently did a collab with Beauty Bay to produce an absolutely amazing pressed pigment palette. (Pressed pigments are super high-quality, ultra-pigmented shadows). Her palette is full of bright colors, stunning shimmers and gorgeous neutrals, making it perfect for beginners and pros alike.

nikkiexbeautybay pressed palette

I love using her neutrals for more natural looks, and because of their longwear and intense pigmentation, I find myself continually reaching for her palette over my other favorites. And I, of course, go for her palette whenever I'm craving a bright and colorful look. I love the versatility of Nikkie's eyeshadows, the color story is brilliant, and unlike any other palette, I own. That's initially one of the main reasons I bought her palette (besides trusting her in regard to high-quality), I saw this palette as something new that definitely would not be a repeat of my other palettes.


So, if you love using bright shadows (or you want to start), please do yourself a favor and consider Nikkie's palette. Bright shades are very hard to get right, and so many brands have failed miserably in perfecting intensely colorful shades. So instead of buying another colorful palette and living through the inevitable disappointment of a sub-par palette, do it right from the beginning. Treat yourself to the best and stop doing anything else. Don't settle, ever.

nikkie x beauty bay palette

Nikkie's palette is fantastic for neutral looks as well, but if you are strictly a neutrals only kind of person, I will suggest maybe sticking to what you already have, that is, unless your current eyeshadows aren't living up to your expectations, then, by all means, get your hands on Nikkie's palette.

Also, if you get this palette, you might just surprise yourself by trying out the brighter colors and realizing that they actually look amazing on you and that you have this incredible hidden artistic talent. Nikkie has also put a ton of great tutorials on her YouTube channel, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to create her gorgeous eyeshadow looks.

Before we close out, I have to speak on one more amazing aspect of her palette. It's beautifully designed. The first thing I noticed was how heavy and luxe it felt in my hands. It's a beautiful palette that you'll want to leave out on display and show off. So, there you go, a beautiful eyeshadow palette designed by the one and only Nikkie Tutorials featuring high-quality shades that are perfect for all levels of makeup artists, it doesn't get any better!

nikkiexbeautybay pressed palette
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