Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer – A Review

The Intro

I’m constantly on the hunt for a good under-eye concealer. I want a product that will cover my dark circles, and brighten the undereye area giving me the ability to highlight it naturally. I also love when an undereye concealer can be used on other areas of the face for highlight and contour as well. The main issue I have with concealers is creasing and settling into lines. I cannot stand it when I look at my concealer throughout the day and see it settling into my fine lines and making them go from little streams running through my face to huge, wide, deep rivers barreling on down, creating a freaking ravine. No thank you.

So does Maybelline’s new Superstay Under-Eye Concealer fulfil my needs, or does it land in with the other river creators?

Maybelline Superstay Under-Eye Concealer

The Down and Dirty on an Under-Eye Concealer With a Surprise Twist

This concealer is interesting. It says under-eye, but I found where it really shines is on other areas of the face for highlighting. Not the shiny type of highlight, but the natural contouring type of highlighting, where you are just subtly drawing attention to that area of the face. I’m talking the lower forehead, the bridge of the nose, the upper lip, that little area of the chin and anywhere else on your face where you want to bring that area forward.

As far as an under-eye concealer, Superstay unfortunately, underperforms. It’s not bad by any means and some might say it’s really good even…but when you’re as picky as me and have tried as many products as I have, you’ll realize that there are just a lot of superior products out there. I noticed that where it falls flat is when you set the concealer with powder. For some reason, this step seals in the creasy, creaky doom. It makes the concealer settle into the fine lines and make them look increasingly pronounced throughout the day.

But, here’s where it stands out – as a highlight cream for the face. Now, let me be clear, I am not talking about a shiny, beaming to the heavens, glittery highlight. I’m talking about the highlight and contour type of cream highlight. Superstay is a great product for creating a super natural, subtle, but highly effective way of bringing attention to certain areas of the face. It’s wonderful because of several things. For one, it’s super easy to blend and it doesn’t set right away. So many other concealers and cream contours are so thick and set super fast so it can be almost impossible to blend them out before they have set. Superstay is just fabulous with this, it’s super easy to blend and it doesn’t start to really set until I’d say about a full minute. It’s also fantastic because it’s highly pigmented but lightweight. It feels like it should be a sheer product because of how lightweight it is, but rest assured, it’s got all the power in terms of pigmentation of any ole concealer or contour product.

The other areas where it really stands out as a wonderful highlight product is how easily it layers with your other products. You can lay it down before or over foundation and it will be beautiful. You can layer powders over it, other creams, whatever, it won’t budge and it will not start to smear off. This leads to the next great thing about this product, it lasts. It’ll last all freaking day. Which is something super important for contour products, you wouldn’t want your carefully placed contour and highlights to start moving around now, would you? Def not.

The Breakdown

Superstay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer is $11.99 for 0.23 oz/ 7 ml. It comes in 12 shades on it’s a squeezable tube with a paddle-foot applicator. I really like the applicator because it’s smaller than the usual large doe foot applicators, making it really easy for precise application.

Maybelline Superstay Under-Eye Concealer

The Scoring

As a Highlight Product – 9/10 /// As an Under-Eye Concealer 3/10

It’s truly a wonderful product for highlight and contouring. It’s easy to blend in, has fantastic pigmentation, does not smear or settle into pores. It’s great for layering over or under foundations and other powders. I only take away a point because when I think of a highlight and contour product, I definitely want something that will work for my undereye area, and this just won’t. It’s great for literally all other places on the face though.

Maybelline Superstay Under-Eye Concealer
Superstay Concealer

As an under-eye product, it underperforms. It’s pretty great until you set with powder, and you have to set it with powder, so you’re stuck. It settles into lines and makes them look bigger, it’s as simple and as unfortunate as that.

Pros & Cons


  • Great for highlighting areas of the face that you want to bring forward as a part of your highlighting and contouring process.


  • Not a great product for under-eye concealing, it settles into fine lines and makes them look more pronounced throughout the day.

Tips & Tricks

I’m going to put some of my absolute favorite videos on how to highlight and contour the face. These incredible artists including Lisa Eldridge, Wayne Goss and Brianna Fox really know what they are doing and will take your contour game from failing beginner to total pro, at least that’s what they did for me. Seriously, before them all I was doing was randomly smearing creams around, hoping to get a contoured effect but it really looked like I had taken mud and rubbed it under my cheekbones. Not cute. Certainly not snatched. They also made cream contouring really easy to understand and for me, I’ve found that I prefer it to powder contour and highlight, I feel like it’s way more natural-looking and it’s actually easier and faster for me as well.


Contour and Highlight Videos
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