Is it Worth it? – Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Bronzer in Palm Beach Ready

The Intro

Finding a great bronzer that’s also budget-friendly is like finding your car after forgetting where you parked. On a terribly hot day. In a huge parking lot, filled with people judging you. While you’re carrying arms full of heavy groceries.

I was super excited when I saw Wet n Wild’s new Coloricon Bronzer in Palm Beach Ready. They usually knock products out of the park, and this bronzer looked so pretty, I was ready for that elusive and tantalizing experience of finding a hidden gem of a product that wouldn’t break the bank. But was it an oasis in a desert, or just another cheap illusion?

The Down and Dirty on the Bronzer That Promises A Beachy Golden Glow

When I first applied Palm Beach Ready, I immediately thought of one of my all-time favorite bronzers, Becca Sunlight Bronzer in Ipanema Sun. It had that deep, tone, a little red, and a shimmer. I got excited, was it a dupe?


Short answer, no. Not even close, but it hints towards it. Palm Beach Ready is way lighter, more golden, and more of a sheen rather than a light shimmer. While Ipanema Sun is a deep, reddish bronzer with a light golden shimmer. It’s the most perfect shade for summer, or anytime when you want to look like you just came back from a 2-week-long tropical vacay. It just gives that bronzed glow. And even though it has shimmer, it’s very natural looking. Like, it just perfectly captures the look you have after being in a tropical sun for about 2 weeks. Like, it’s uncanny. You can read my full breakdown on it here.

Now back to Palm Beach Ready. If you like a super shimmery bronzer that has actual tiny glitter bits, you’ll love it. For me, I feel like the bronzer behaves way more like an eyeshadow. It’s an intense and gorgeous color, but I’d be worried I’ll end up on ‘contouring gone wrong’ if I wear this out of the house. It’s tough to get a light application that will blend out, it just wants to be intense. I straight up feel like the formulation is an eyeshadow or highlighter even. It’s powder, but it’s so buttery and creamy. It definitely looks beautiful swatched and on the skin, but the color and shimmer are just too much for me bronzer-wise.

Left is Becca // Right is Wet n Wild

I feel like bronzers do best when they are more subtle, after all, I want them to make me look like I have a natural tan. And not like I had a bad overly-aggressive spray tan experience.

The Breakdown

Palm Beach Ready will cost you $5.29 for 0.38 oz of product. Wet n Wild does have three other shades in their Color Icon Bronzer collection. They say it’s a gel-infused formula that gives the skin that luminous finish. It’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and fragrance-free as well. All good things and I do want to try the other shades and see if the lighter ones would be good as highlighters

The Scoring 3/10

I wanted to give it a higher score because it’s a good formula for an eyeshadow or highlighter. But, I had to remind myself that I’m scoring it as a bronzer and the simple truth is I won’t be using it for bronzing again. It’s just too shimmery, and I don’t like the glitter. If you want a really intense bronze that’s super shimmery, you will probably love it though. As I said before, I like my bronzers to lean towards natural, and this is as far from natural as it gets. It’ll stand out, way the heck out.

The Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful as an eyeshadow or highlight.
  • Super creamy formula that’s easy to apply and great for blending out or layers with other colors.


  • Too shimmery, too much glitter for a bronzer.
  • The color is has a bit too much orange. It’ll make you look like you went to a new spray tan girl who doesn’t understand the concept of thinking the Oompa Loompa look isn’t #goals

Tips & Tricks

  1. If you’re going to use it, stick to eyeshadow and highlight
  2. Try Becca’s Sunlit Bronzers. They are perfect for a natural but gorgeous intense glow.
Hannah Flack
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