Is it Worth it? -Prime and Lock Eyeshadow Primer by Makeup Revolution

The Intro

If you’re not using an eyeshadow primer, you don’t know what you’re missing and I’m about to tell you. Eyeshadow primers are a little secret of the beauty world, making eyeshadow not only look way better but also last eons longer.

They are like magic. And yes, they (unlike foundation primers) are 100% necessary because they make a 100% difference.

The Down and Dirty on an Eyeshadow Primer That’s Primed and Ready to Rock -(Or is it?)

Prime and Lock by Makeup Revolution is an eyeshadow primer that goes on a lot like a cream, leaning on liquidy concealer. It feels really wet at first until it dries down. It is very full coverage, like not even one of those little eyelid veins will show through. It definitely makes certain eyeshadow looks really pop, but it’s a little bit hard to figure out how to best use it. And if you don’t get it right, you’ll end up with a patchy mess.

The Breakdown

Prime and Lock is $9.00 for 0.2 oz of product. It comes in a large (for an eyeshadow primer) bottle with a doe-foot applicator. The packaging is really nice and looks very luxe. I love the rose gold lettering and lid. The product itself is like a warm-toned, pale-light color. Makeup Revolution says that it will make your eyeshadow stay on longer without creasing and that it will intensify eyeshadows whether they are pressed powders or creams.

The Scoring 6/10

So this eyeshadow primer is tricky. It comes out like a watery, yet very full coverage foundation or concealer. It will feel really wet to the skin while it dries down. And it dries down really fast, so you have to work on blending it out-you guessed it, fast. It’s very full coverage so if you are looking to mask any eyelid discoloration, you will love it. Also, if you like to lay down a super full-coverage base to make your eyeshadow shades pop, this is totally for you.

prime and lock makeup revolution

Here’s the deal. It’s wonderful for packing on super intense colors with your fingers. But, if you are using a brush and doing a lot of blending out, you’ll end up with a patchy disaster. So for the looks where you’re going to be setting a color and packing on intensity rather than soft diffusion with a brush and blending, Prime and Lock is great. Fabulous. Amazing. It makes shimmers and glitters pop and really stand out beautifully.

But don’t come near it with a brush. Unless it’s maybe a smaller brush used for packing. (But I had issues with type of shadow application too).

The Pros & Cons


  • Great for packing on intense colors with fingers
  • Makes glitters and shimmer really pop
  • Fuller-than-full coverage


  • Not good for blending with a brush
  • Sets really fast so you have to move really quick to blend it out
  • The wet feeling is weird to get used to
  • Hard to figure out the amount to use. Will take a few times of trial and error to really get it down
  • Doesn’t do too much for longevity. I noticed that it does prolong the eyeshadow wear for about an extra hour or so, compared to an eye without the primer

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use this primer for packing on colors with your fingers only.
  2. If you are doing an eyeshadow look that requires soft diffusion and lots of blending, skip all the rest and go with the best. Eyeshadow Primer of the gods that is.
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