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The Intro

Finding a good foundation is like finding a great pair of jeans. Foundation is so tricky because it’s more than just a good fit (formula for your skin’s coverage needs), there’s color matching to do as well. Drugstore foundation can be even trickier than the more high-end foundations because you can’t really try them out. At least with high-end ones, you can go into the store and test them out yourself, or have someone color match you.

So I heard about Maybelline’s Superstay foundation from Youtubers and just general buzz. Everyone was raving about it like they had just discovered sliced bread for the first time. So I tried it. I went to my local Ulta and did the whole hold the bottle up to your face and guess routine. Then I took a leap of faith and purchased a color that my sister, and two poor customers than I lured into giving their opinions on the color match, agreed that it was perfect.

And then, the testing. Oh, the testing. Luckily, summer is fully here, and the sweltering hot days helped me really test Superstay to the limits. Here are the results.

The Down and Dirty on a Foundation That Promises Super Staying Power

Superstay goes on like a charm. It’s full coverage, blends out beautifully and easily, and is quite comfortable to the skin. So it looks just fabulous after the initial application, but how does it hold up throughout the day? Answer: it’s full coverage and doesn’t quit. No sliding off, regardless of how hot or humid the day gets.

However, there are a few significant costs to all this coverage and staying power. I’d say at about the third hour of wear, the foundation starts to look a little cakey. Just a little, but it’s undeniable. It starts to settle into pores and instead of looking skin-like, Superstay definitely looks like you have a foundation on. It’s not bad really, the caking is minimal, but it will look like you have foundation on, for sure. If you don’t mind this, and many people don’t, you’ll be fine and will still love Superstay. But if you like your foundation to look like skin, you’ll want to keep searching.

The Breakdown

Superstay Foundation is $11.99 for 1oz of product. It comes in 28 shades. Maybelline says it’s longlasting, up to 24 hours. (Please don’t wear it for 24 hours though, you gotta take your makeup off at night so it can breathe and be nourished with your 14-step, 3 hour-long skincare routine after all).

The Scoring 7/10

Superstay gets excellent marks for many things. The coverage is full and fantastic. The staying power is killer. It’ll look fabulous for 8-12 hours. (Depending on the day and your activities. If you wake up at 11 am, go for breakfast, go shopping, then to the movies and then back home for some Netflix and wine, yeah, it’ll last for 12+ hours perfectly). It’s also effortless to apply and blend out.

maybelline superstay foundation

The formula is a less is more type, and you only need a tiny bit for full coverage. It sets down wonderfully as well. I like to powder it, but it’s not necessary if you have less-oily skin. However, it’s a little cakey. It’ll settle into your pores just a bit, giving that tell-tale sign of foundation wearage. I don’t like looking like I have foundation on. So to me, a perfect foundation will give excellent coverage and look like actual skin. Superstay just isn’t it. So that’s where the point dockage comes from. Like I said, if you don’t mind the foundation look, you’ll love it.

The Pros & Cons


  • 1. Easy to blend out
  • 2. A little goes a long way, good for blending purposes and the fact that you get a lot of bang for your buck!
  • 3. Full coverage. It’s buildable, so if you used only a tiny amount, you’d get medium coverage, but you can easily add more for that fuller-that-full coverage.
  • 4. Lasts forever.
  • 5. Mattifying in a natural way.
  • 6. Does not need primer or to be set with powder (unless you’re really oily like me, but even I only lightly powder my t-zone).
  • 7. Good packaging, pump dispenser. 8. Can be used with a sponge, brush or fingers.


  • 1. Will get a little cakey after a couple of hours.
  • 2. It will look like you are wearing foundation (which as I said, might not be a bad thing for some).

Tip & Tricks

  • 1. If you get Superstay, experiment with the amount you use and with various methods of application to see what really fits your skin. One day try a brush, the next, use a sponge, etc.
  • 2. If you struggle with foundation application, I HIGHLY recommend you watch Jackie Aina’s video on how to apply your foundation. It’s an excellent video that honestly will change how you apply and fix problems you didn’t even know you had with how you wear your foundation.
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