Is it Worth it? – Makeup Revolution’s New Precious Stone Diamond Palette

I am a sucker for a smokey eyeshadow palette. After all, what’s sexier than a the effortlessly-cool looking smokey eye? It’s as iconic as red lipstick, but it has a darker and more rock and roll vibe. 

Also, a smokey eye, as opposed to a red lip, does not need to be perfect. It’s all about making a beautiful look while not worrying about perfection. You just start blending it out and see where it goes. It’s about the smokey flow, matching your eyeshadow to your attitude. It’s fun, quick, and all about not worrying if it looks a little undone, that’s how it’s supposed to look after all. 

So I saw this new smokey palette on Ulta’s website, and I had to have it. So I got it. 

It’s called the Precious Stone Diamond Shadow Palette, and it’s by Makeup Revolution. ($15). And it’s something else. 

It’s an exciting palette, but I will only recommend it with several stipulations. If you purchase it, do it for the colors. Take a good, hard look at the colors and decide if you can or cannot live without them. 

If you are hopelessly in love with the shades, go ahead, but know that you will have to work for them. They are tricky and fickle. Also, if you don’t have a decent set of brushes, either invest in one or pass on this palette. Unfortunately, your average brush just will not do. You’ll also need multiples of the blending brushes you use because blending these shadows out demands clean brushes. If you try to blend out a shadow with a brush that already has color on it, it’ll be a muddy-looking disaster. 

The shadows are very powdery, even the shimmers. Some shades are also a bit chalky, making it very hard to blend out. I found that several shadows were most problematic; let’s go over them. 

Charcoal: very patchy! Once applied, you must use a clean brush to blend it out. 

Alloy and Glimmering: the white base they both have will be very prominent and will show through more than the colors. It’s like a white shadow with colored shimmer, but it applies harshly with way too much white.

Volt: weak! Do not use as a liner. It’s not creamy or pigmented enough to line the eyes, even when using a wetted brush. It’s pretty good for blending out into a smokey shadow if you like that type of look. I usually like a smokey look to have softer and lighter colors rather than just a black shadow blended out.  

So when considering this palette, think of the colors. They do have some gorgeous shades, and I will say that I was definitely able to create some really pretty smokey looks from it, but it takes work. 

I would not recommend this palette to beginners at all, especially if you don’t have really good brushes. So if you’re confident in your blending abilities and love the shades, go for it. Also, I do want to say that every time I wore shades from this palette, I did get a ton of compliments, proving that the work it takes, can definitely be worth it. 

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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