Ilia Beauty’s Mascara Gives Insane Volume

If I were stranded out on an island and could only have one makeup product, I'd pick mascara. You cannot convince me there is another more flattering product out there. Mascara just dominates the competition. It wipes the floor with all the blushes, lip glosses, liners and just about every other product out there.


The only products that can even enter the same ring with mascara are cream contours and brow products. Nothing else can enhance your face like these, but mascara will end up taking the title every time. Maybe it's because the eyes are the window to the soul or something else magical, I don't know, I didn't profess to know, but what I'm trying to say guys is that mascara is the shiz. It doesn't get better.

So, let's talk mascara, specifically, my new favorite by Ilia Beauty, the Limitless Lash Mascara.

This mascara is fantastic. However, it's not for everyone. If you like a super dramatic lash that's full volume, --I'm talking peddle-to-the-metal-volume--and you don't mind combing through a tiny bit of clumping, this is the mascara for you. It's dramatic as heck. Long-lasting, lengthening, holds a curl like nothing else, and VOLUMIZING.

ilia mascara
ilia mascara

It's funny because usually with "clean makeup" brands, their mascaras tend to give more of a natural look, but this mascara is anything but. I suppose if you went with only one layer, you could get a more natural-looking lash, but when you have all that volumizing power in your hands, it's basically criminal not to take full advantage. Go for three or four coats, load those lashes, then, stand back in awe.

The wand has rubber bristles that are hourglass shaped for most of the wand, but there's a middle section of straight bristles that are longer than the others. I love this feature because it's great for combing through any clumps or for achieving super long length.

Also, a massive perk to this mascara is how long-lasting it is. No panda eyes, smudging or flaking.


Final Thoughts: I give this mascara a 9/10. The volume is bar-none. It can clump ever so slightly though, so if that's a big no-no for you, pass. However, if you die for volume, grab this right now.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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