One Lipstick to Rule Them All

The Intro 

When I first applied this lipstick to my lips I was flooded with one thought and one thought only. My god, if there is one lipstick to own it’s this. Truly, this new lipstick is so good, the formula is a game changer, it’s an unprecedented level of high-quality perfectionism. I will now rest assured that if there is a fire, I will grab this one lipstick and know indefinitely, that I made the right decision. Thank goodness for that too, I was lying awake at night, trying to decide which lipstick I would take.

In case you think I’m kidding, there was a fire last year in Southern California and let’s just say it was a very close call in terms of my house almost being turned into firewood. There was a moment when we realized we needed to pack up the cars and be ready to evac. You better believe I packed my most treasured makeup, skin and hair products. At first, my husband gave me grief over it but I kindly reminded him of what it would be like to go out and repurchase all of those items. He suddenly was all too keen on helping secure the goods. And with that, I digress.

This new lipstick is by the one and only, Lisa Eldridge, and it’s called Luxuriously Lucent Lip Color in the color Love of My Life. It’s so unbelievably wonderful, in every single way a lipstick could be. The color is out of this world perfect and beautiful and so, so flattering. The feel and comfort are sublime. It’s pillowy soft, like an airy level of softness and smoothness, so comfortable. It will feel like nothing, with just a hint of light, but deep moisturization. And it does not dry out your lips. Not one freaking, little, tiny bit. It’s honestly as moisturizing as it gets with lipsticks, but it’s so lightweight and airy too. I don’t know how she does it. Usually, moisturizing lipsticks are heavy and almost wet with color that tends to slip and smear, not so with Lisa’s lipstick. It’ll make your lips feel comfortable and healthy, without any of the usual heavy, greasiness that is so common with lip moisturizers. There is nothing Lisa left out or skimped on, from the gorgeous, luxe packaging, to the perfect coloration, to the longwear, to the lightweight, yet deep moisturization, this lipstick is everything you wish your other lipsticks could be.

The Down and Dirty on The One Lipstick to Rule Them All

Love of My Life is the shade name of Lisa’s new Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour. It’s a medium rosy pink, the perfect level of cool and warmer tones that is just so flattering on any skin tone. I feel like it tends towards being very slightly on the warmer side, making it perfect for summer. Lisa calls it a buildable semi-sheer color that gives the lips a rosy flush with one swipe, but it can be easily built up into a more polished and true pinky lip with several layers.

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

The Breakdown 

The lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free and it will cost you £26.00 ($32.5 USD) It comes in a beautiful gold tube that is as luxe as it gets. The side of the lipstick features Lisa’s logo. The case is magnetic which I just love and is definitely something I’d expect from a lip product at this price point. It arrives in a nice little box, encased in tissue paper and a lovely gold and white cardboard box.

The lipstick wear is beyond perfection. It’s so unbelievably comfortable on the lips. It is highly moisturizing, without any hint of heaviness. It does not settle into lines and will absolutely not cause any cracks. I found that it wore beautifully for five hours without needing a retouch, even with lots of snacking on chips and straw sippage of iced coffees. I have been in love with this lipstick from the moment I tore it out of the package and swiped it onto my lips, and I have not been able to put it down since. 

I usually now will write a section of scoring, pros and cons, and tip and tricks, but I’m going to spare you all on that because I am pretty sure you already know what I’m going to say. 

  1. It gets a 10/10. It’s perfection and beyond, it’s what you wish your other lipsticks were. It’s a level of perfection not previously seen anywhere else. You can’t be without it. Get it in your life now. 
  2. There are NO cons. 
  3. Tips and Tricks: Wear it. Wear it now, wear it tomorrow, wear it forever. 
Hannah Flack
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