I Wanted to Love Maybelline’s Super Stay Ink Crayon, But it Wears Like a Cactus

I’m a glass half-full kinda gal, let’s hit the good news first.

Maybelline’s Super Stay Ink Crayon is very easy to apply. The built-in sharpener is a super convenient and thoughtful addition. The crayon itself smells really nice, its got a vanilla mixed with berries scent.

The color choices are beautiful, and they look lovely on your lips.

Okay, sorry Maybelline, I usually adore your products, but here come the bad news.

First, (and least problematic comparatively), the Super Stay Ink Crayon is not the best for precise lining or overlining. That is unless you want to sharpen it every time you use it. The crayon is soft and quickly loses its sharpness.

The main issue is how it wears. After about an hour or two, you’ll start to notice your lips feel weirdly itchy…and dry as a desert in July. And if you happen to come in contact with food, something bizarre happens. It makes your lips feel like you rubbed something spicy on them. It’s so weird.

When I first applied it I was having some alfredo pasta (not even a hint of spice besides pepper was present) and I swear, I felt like my lips had just been passed over with an open slice of habanero or something. They got tingly (and not in a plumped-up way) and then started to burn. It was enough to where I had to go scrub it off so I could enjoy my food. (Nothing gets between me and my pasta!).

I thought it was a fluke, so I kept trying the product, but I found that each time I wore it, my lips felt itchier and drier. I even tried putting chapstick underneath and wearing a heavy lip mask for ten minutes before application. (Wiping it off only right before applying the lip crayon). Nothing takes the itchiness away. It also took me several days of lip-masking to rehab my lips back to their normal state of moisturization.

So, if spicy cactus vibes are what you look for in a lip product, Super Stay Ink Crayon is just the thing. #somethingforeveryone? #posivityalways

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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