Hourglass Confession Lipstick – Review

Let’s talk lipstick.

There’s just something powerful about it. One swipe and suddenly, you’re invincible. We are drawn to it, it’s like the ultimate finishing touch, the icing on the cake that is your gorgeous face.

My first experience with lipstick was when I got one of those makeup sets for kids when I was around 7ish and ever since, I’ve been completely hooked.

Now here’s the kicker, we love it, we buy it, and we apply it…but it’s not as simple as that. Not all lipsticks are born the same and with the literal thousands of lipstick choices facing us, it’s all too easy to take a wrong turn down the crusted lips, teeth stained, colour bleeding lane of lipstick hell.

I hate to admit this, but I have a huge drawer full to the brim of failed lipsticks. But, this was the year that I got serious about it, because I got married a couple of months ago and I was NOT going to have a bad lipstick moment on my freaking wedding day. Also, I wanted to pick out the color and formula myself and bring it to my makeup appointment so that way I could wear it for years to come (awwww sentimental Hannah, how cute).

So this is what I did, I watched hours and hours of lipstick reviews on Youtube, I read countless blog articles, learning all about formulations and finding a shade that flatters your specific skin tone and type…and then, I took my learning into Sephora and I perused and I swatched baby.

I would walk out of Sephora with my arms freaking covered in swatches, it looked like I had some kind of crazy skin disease and I’m pretty sure I terrified some poor mall-goers who had the misfortune of seeing me and then hurriedly whipping out their phone’s to check if the CDC had put out some kind of health alert.

All this to say, I was obsessed and luckily, all of this paid off beautifully. I found a lipstick so lovely, (so dare I say perfect…?) that I fell in love. (And by “in love” I mean, I bought way too many shades…like almost all of them? It was like a kid in a candy store, ugh- I hate that expression. It was like a golden retriever loose in the pet store with all the treats at eye level.

I promise I’m getting to the point, but trust-this lipstick DESERVES the hyped intro.

Let me introduce you to the saviour, the Messiah of lipstick: Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick.

You need to see it and then you’ll BELIEVE it. Absolute perfection in a tube.

Here’s the breakdown. It’s so smooth, foolproof to apply (no more struggles with bold colors bleeding out/being hard to not over or under apply), it’s highly moisturizing and buildable with incredible lasting power. It also has a great luxurious subtle scent. Hourglass Confession has a beautiful satin finish that does not crease or crack, even after hours of wear. I found that even with a light application it lasted for a good four to six hours without the need for reapplication. It may have lasted even longer, but let’s get real, I’m not about to go more than 4-6 hours without eating and after you chow down as I do, you’re definitely looking at a serious touch-up situation. And then, on top of all that glory, it has the most beautiful applicator that is just sexy as hell. It’s fire. So unique and cool.

Take a look at that sleek, golden sexiness. Yum.

Then the other thing that pushes the incredible packing over the edge is its utility. What you do is, buy one lipstick and then notice in awe…Hourglass makes refillable lipsticks that are interchangeable! So you buy the lipstick in the golden applicator for $34 at Sephora and then after that, you can buy the refill lipsticks for $22! This is efficiency at its finest, if you think about it, Hourglass is actually saving you money this way and enabling you to spend more on your coffee addiction, rent, or whatever else you like to throw your hard-earned cash at. 😉 There are 32 shades offered on Hourglass.com and Sephora has 30.

One of my favorite things about lipstick is changing it up, buying more, experimenting with different looks, it’s just such a fun part of makeup application. So I absolutely loved when I found the Hourglass Confession Lipsticks, I felt like I was finally able to get a super top quality high-end lipstick that was (relatively-compared to other high-end lipsticks) affordable. Because, doesn’t it just break your heart a little when you find that amazing high-end shade of perfection that costs as much as a months worth of Starbucks, and so you agonize over finding the perfect color because you know you’re just getting one? Well, Hourglass heard our prayers, they blessed us with the most beautiful, long-lasting, super high quality, fun, affordable lipstick of the gods. #blessed #notstressed

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

I am a USC grad with a passion for beauty, health and science. I reside in beautiful California with my husband and puppy (@sebastian.thecavalierking).

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