High Shine, Low Budget – The Best of Wet n Wild’s Highlighters

Highlighting is all the rage, and for good reason too, nothing is more beautiful than a properly paced highlight. Whether you go for blinding, seen from outer space highlights or a subtle, natural glow, Wet n Wild has a highlight for everyone. I love Wet n Wild, they were one of the first makeup brands that I got into as a kid and low and behold, they are still one of my favorites today. They don’t just have great prices, but fabulous products as well. I am here for it.

So let’s get right to it. These are my absolute favorites of Wet n Wild’s highlighters, and whether you are on a budget or are just looking for a great highlighter, I guarantee, you can’t go wrong with these shining stars.

Super Natural and Subtle Highlight – Reserve Your Cabana

If you like an ultra natural-looking highlight, Reserve Your Cabana is for you. It’s so natural that it doesn’t look like the highlighters you’re used to, it’s not glittery or shimmery, it just has this soft, airy type of highlight. It’s more of a Snapchat filter type of look. Like when Snapchat has a filter that gives your skin a super soft glow like it’s being bathed in that beautiful golden-hour lighting? That’s precisely what Reserve Your Cabana is.

Liquid Beaming Shimmer Hello Halo

Hello Halo is an incredible highlighter. It’s liquid which makes it super easy to use, making it an excellent choice for beginners new to highlighting. You can’t really go wrong with it because it’s so easy to blend out, just like with all highlighters go in with the less is more attitude. The look is like that wet skin, shimmering glow. It’s beautiful for just about any look. It can be natural if you only apply a little, or you can take it all the way to an outer spade glow by packing it on. My favorite colors are Halo, Goodbye, which is a soft, super light-pinky glow. It gives a super soft, angelic glow to the skin. The other is Guilded Glow, which is a light-bronzy sheen. It looks absolutely beautiful on the skin and is particularly great for a natural glow. It’s perfect for summery nights for a romantic, bronzed look.

Radiant Shine – Megaglo Highlighting Powder

This beautiful highlighter is what you’d call your average highlighter, only it’s not average at all. It performs with an incredible shine and shimmer that can compete with the best (and much more pricey) of them. I would recommend this highlighter to anyone and think it should be a staple in any good makeup kit. It always looks flawless and beautiful on the skin, leaving a buttery soft, ultra-flattering shimmery beam of highlight. My favorite shade is Precious Petals. It’s like this lovely rose gold that’s just so beautiful. I currently have three just in case they ever discontinued it because I’m that obsessed.

Drop Dead Blinding Shimmery Highlight

If you want a highlight that can be seen from outer space, MegaGlo loose highlighting powder is your girl. It’s unreal how blinding this is guys. They smashed all sorts of boundaries when they created it. Like, you need to try it to believe, type of thing. I love this highlight so stinking much. My favorite shade is I’m So Lit; it’s a soft, light, warm golden shade. It’s on the whiter end of golden like it’s not a deep golden glow at all, and there’s no orangeness present at all. It’s like starlight on your face, so glorious. A little goes a long way, as you can imagine, and you can build it up to the most striking highlight of your life. I also use it for body shimmer, too; it looks incredible on the shoulders and collar bones. I also use it to make my own shimmering body spray! No need to go out and spend a ton of dough on those body highlighters, grab your favorite body oil or facial mist and mix in some of the megaglo loose highlighting powder and you’ve got the most gorgeous, glowing high shine, on an even more beautiful budget. 😉

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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