Givenchy’s New Mascara is The Perfect Example of Too Much of a Good Thing

It’s called volume Disturbia and by god, if that isn’t an accurate name. Frankly, I was disturbed by the incredible amount of volume this mascara produced; however, unlike Rihanna’s Disturbia, this form of terror was not of the good variety.

Givenchy’s newest mascara touts excessive volume and up to 24 hours of wear, with a buildable, ultra richly pigmented formula. I found that all of these claims were authentically true. However, they were a bit too true if that makes sense.

Volume Disturbia by Givenchy

The mascara delivers so much volume that it actually becomes a bad thing. One swipe of Disturbia and your lashes will be coated in a heavy, thick, clumpy application of mascara that will leave them looking like spider legs. And not a thin, delicate daddy long legs spider, it’ll be more like the legs of an old, withered, plump black widow. It’s immediately what came to my mind once I tried Disturbia, it just leaves your lashes looking ridiculously caked in mascara, and it’s not a smooth type of caking either, it’s clumpy in a jagged way. So even though the formula is super wet and thick, it’ll look really dry and crispy on the lashes.

The other pretty serious drawback, which might be a plus to some, is the fragrance. Guys, if you are trying to save some money on perfume this month, go out and buy Disturbia, it’s so loaded with fragrance, you won’t even need to wear perfume. I have no idea how they got that much fragrance inside the little mascara bottle, but wow. The second you open the bottle you’ll be taken aback by the intense smell of the perfume, and guess what? It stays on your lashes at full strength for about an hour. So weird. But, as I said, if you love the smell, this could be a good thing. I like my perfume to come in a bottle that I apply to my skin, instead of my lashes though. So it’ll be a definite no for me.

Volume Disturbia by Givenchy

If you like a super crazy volumized look on your lashes and you don’t mind getting a little clumpy to get there, then give Disturbia a shot. If on the other hand, you prefer a more natural or refined mascara look, I’d check out something like FetishEyes by Pat McGrath that packs some seriously intense volume with no clumping insight. Another great choice that gives crazy levels of volume with bearly any clumping in sight is the new Damn Girl! Mascara by Too Faced, that now comes in mini size, it gives volume that almost matches Disturbia, but none of the crunchy clumps (or the heavy scent)!

Hannah Flack
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