Fenty Just Delivered Amazing Cool-Toned Eyeshadows

Rihanna heard my prayers. 

Fenty just released their Snap Shadows, and as soon as I saw the cool greys, lilacs and browns, I added them right into my cart. Now, after lots of testing #shesasciencequeen, I can safely and securely make the following claim:

These shadows are the answer to my cry for kick-ass cool-toned shades. 

First, I want to talk about the colors, because if you're into cool-tones, you know how hard it is to find a good palette that has actual cool shades. I can't even begin to tell you about the disappointing palettes that people claimed were cool-toned...and they have maybe one grey that's somehow full of warmth. Oh, the humanity. But for real, it's absurd. 

So since the colors are what matters most, let's get the quality of the shadows over and done. Thankfully, the quality of these shades is top-notch, so there isn't really much to go over. It's Rihanna guys, Fenty is known for producing fantastic products, and the new Snap Shadows are certainly no exception. 

Lasting power: hours and hours (no need for primer, but if you have super oily lids, go for it). 

Blendability: like butta. They are super blendable, making these shades easy as pie to apply. You can't go wrong with these shadows because of how easy they are to blend out. 

Pigmentation and Color-payoff: Bar none. Incredible. Everything you would want it to be. The mattes are intense (but blendable!!!!), the shimmers are gorgeous. They shimmer, they shine. They look incredible when applied by fingers or a brush. 

Ok, now that we've established how incredible the quality is, let's get back to talking cool-toned goodness. 

These shades are genuinely cool. I repeat. TRUE. ACTUAL cool tones. They look incredible combined or alone as a monochromatic look. If you like cool-tones or are considering them for the first time, take the plunge on these bad boys. Trust me, or better yet, trust in Rihanna. (Has she ever led you astray? --NOT a question, obvi). 

These shadows will look incredible with neutral and cool skin tones, but if you're leaning on the warm side, they can also look incredible for a sexy hit of contrast. With makeup, there are no rules. You follow your heart, listen to your creative side and do what feels right to you. 


Maybe you've never ventured into cool tones before, perhaps you haven't experimented with colorful shades, but you know what? You don't know what you're missing out on. A cool-toned shadow might be the most fantastic thing that will flatter your skin tone in a way you never even knew it could. Maybe it will make your eyes pop and look absolutely brilliant. 


Like anything in the arts (or life itself really), you've got to try something new and take a risk if you want that reward. 

Now since I'm talking about two palettes, you might be thinking which one is best. I'm here to say, again, it's about your preference. But consider this, you don't know how amazing something could look on you until you try it out. 

I could not choose, so I went with both. (Also, I'm a cool-tone shadow FIEND, so if I find something with even a hint of that cool, cool goodness, I have to have it). So I'm gonna say, if you can, I would seriously go with both palettes. They go together really well, and while you can make gorgeous looks with either, the dark shades make great liners and deepen up the brighter shades so beautifully. So take a look at both, then listen to your heart. And then, trust in the power of Ri. 

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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