Dupe Alert – Lisa Eldridge Love of my Life Vs Burnished Rose by L’OREAL

Lisa Eldridge’s new lipstick line is life itself, and the shade Love of My Life, it’s worth living and dying for. I am so in love with it, and it’s one of my all-time favorites, like ever.I am wearing it always and plan to make it one of my signature summer lip looks. While the shade is unreal and gorgeous, it’s the formula that really makes this lipstick though. I mean, think of it this way, the color is what had me interested, and the silky smooth perfect formula is what made me keep coming back for more.It’s airy-like, utter perfection, lightweight, yet incredibly long-wearing and moisturizing. It’s comfortable like you won’t even feel lipstick on your lips, but you also won’t be reaching for the chapstick either. It’s everything that a lipstick should be, and I hope more lipstick makers take a note from Lisa’s book of perfection.

Now, the only thing that can go wrong with Lisa’s lipsticks is the fact that they sell out like crazy. Also, they are expensive. So I knew Dupes were essential. I have been looking for Dupes and man, it’s freaking hard. The color is just so specific, it’s not too warm or too cool, it’s bright in a soft and subtle way, and it’s so layerable.But after lots of searching, I think I have found the best one. It’s from L’OREAL’s Colour Riche Shine collection, and it’s the shade Burnished Blush ($7.99). The color match is so close, and I’m happy to say that the formula is decently close as well.

Here’s the Dupe Breakdown

Color match: Very, very close, L’OREAL’s is slightly more of a berry pink, as in when you see them side by side, you’ll think that Burnished Blush is “pinkier.” It’s not really warmer or cooler, just a little more to the berry side of pink.Texture match: While Lisa’s Love of My Life is more of a soft sheen, that’s almost a hint of matte, Burnished Blush is definitely more of a glossy finish. It’s kind of got that slick, moisturized and shiny look. It’s especially noticeable under bright lights. I think the texture is actually the most significant difference, but it’s not extreme in any way.
lisa eldridge love of my life dupe
How they feel on the lips: So as I said, Lisa’s is airy-light, you won’t feel lipstick on your lips, but it’s moisturizing and so unbelievably comfortable. Burnished Rose definitely has a feel to it, it’s moisturizing and creamy, a tad bit balmy. Just think of a creamy, glossy lipstick that’s moisturizing.Smell and taste: Love of my Life doesn’t really have a discernible taste or smell. I know I keep saying it, but you will seriously feel like there’s nothing on your lips! L’OREAL’s has a light scent, it’s not unpleasant or overwhelming by any means, but it’s there. It’s like a lightly floral, perfumey scent. It has a taste as well. It’s hard to describe as it’s not overly pronounced or flavored. It just tastes like an unflavored balm, or how you would imagine a lipstick would taste. (And no, I didn’t devour an entire lipstick to come to this conclusion, it was merely light licking that took place.  #thethingsidoforscience)

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty much as close as it gets color-match wise. The main differences are found in the texture, feel, scent, and taste. But even at that, those differences are minimal. I think the most significant difference is in the glossiness for sure. (That’s what people reported back when I asked them if they saw differences in the two shades as well). So if you can’t get a hold of Lisa’s or are looking for a less expensive alternative, give Burnished Rose a try and enjoy the gorgeous summery pink!
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