Don’t Make the Mistake of Missing Out on Wet N Wild’s New Eyeshadow Palette

You know how there’s always that one person from high school who you maybe friend-zoned or put on the back-burner, who after you graduate from college, you end up seeing and realizing you missed out? They got educated, grew up hot and talented. And you’re like, damn, if only you would have cashed in when you had the chance?

This eyeshadow palette is like that; only I cashed the FCK in right away. Wet n Wild is so often that brand that you pass over. You think it’s so inexpensive, how could it be good? So you pass it up and buy something 5Xs more expensive. Well, stop doing that. Stop it right now. I learned the hard way the perils of underestimating Wet n Wild.

Yes they are cheap, and usually, you get what you pay for, but with Wet n Wild, they are the exception (a lot of the time). Sure, some of their products are not total winners, but if you know which ones are worth it (that’s where I come in 😉 you’ll be able to save money and still have makeup products that knock it out of the park and can compete with the big boys (and win too)!

This new eyeshadow palette is called The 40 and it’s an amazing product. It’s an incredible collection of gorgeous eyeshadow shades, and it’s got everything you could want. Bright colors. Neutrals. Shimmers. Mattes. Glitters. You name it, they slayed it.

I’ll admit, when I first saw this, my expectations were not super high. I’ve had some iffy experiences with their other eyeshadow palettes, but when I saw this one, I felt deep in my bones that it would be different. It softly whispered to me through the ethos that it was special. So, I cashed in baby. I’ve known the pain of hesitating and missing out on something that’s going to be incredible, and I refused to take any chances with this one.

Thank fudging god that I listened to my intuition. This palette is incredible. I’ve had so much fun with it, and each time I use it, I’m only more impressed. I have always been hesitant with huge palettes that have a lot of brights. When it comes down to it, I’m a neutral shadow girl, and I have a hard time incorporating colors into my looks. However, this palette has encouraged me to pursue my more artistic and expressive side. The colors are easy to use, super blendable and there’s just something about having this big palette with an endless array of beautiful hues that speaks to your inner Van Gogh and brings forth beautiful works of art on your lids. I’m living for it guys, and I think I might submit my work to a museum one of these days. #lookoutLACMA

So let’s get down to it. The shadows are amazing. I particularly love the shimmers and glittery shades. I’ve found that they are the easiest to apply, and you can use your fingers or a brush. You don’t need to wet the brush for a full intensity shimmer either. They are top-notch, high quality as any other high-end palette. They’re foolproof to use. You can’t go wrong.

The matte neutrals are intense. I was seriously wowed by how pigmented they are. Like, you’re going to swear they came out of a high-end palette. They can be a little tricky to blend out though, so just be ready for some extra blending. I also recommend using a shadow primer with them. (But I suggest that with every palette anyways so it’s not a bad mark).

The colors are amazing as well. I have found that if you’re going for a super bright pop of color, they work best with either a cut crease or a wetted brush. If you don’t use these methods, you’re going to get a slightly less intense pigmentation. But, for real, this is usually true for even the most expensive of eyeshadow palettes.

So seriously guys, if you’re looking for a big palette that has a ton of bright colors, for the love of all that is pigmented and wallet-loving, give this palette a try. You’re going to love it, your eyelids will love it, your bank account will be pleasantly relieved for once, and you’re going to have a fantastic time realizing your inner Michelangelo.

Go forth and create away.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

I am a USC grad with a passion for beauty, health and science. I reside in beautiful California with my husband and puppy (@sebastian.thecavalierking).

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