Dior – Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion SPF 50

In 2018 I was all about skincare. I made a promise to myself: skin comes first, no more covering things up, no more fighting against my skin. 2018 was the year that my skin and I became friends and as silly as that sounds, it’s kind of revolutionary for me to not be hating my skin anymore. It may sound obvious, but one of the main ways I did this was by putting down the makeup. It was really scary at first, to go out in public with my bare skin (face only, no worries). But as my skincare game improved, this became easier and easier to do and now it’s gotten to the place where I feel like foundation is a cumbersome chore that I avoid at all costs. Do you even know how crazy that is? Me, I’m the girl who used to be full coverage 24/7. I lived in a plastic-like foundation application, my skin making an actual appearance was as rare as a waldo sighting. I didn’t even like looking at it myself, I’d remove my makeup alone, in the dark.

Ok, I am maybe erring on the dramatic side of things, but you get the point and I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who can understand. It’s hard to be vulnerable about skin-related insecurities. Thankfully, my year of skincare taught me not only incredible ways to make my skin look the best it’s ever been, but all the self care and love taught me to embrace the imperfections and love my skin despite them.

As 2019 approached I had to decide what to do, now that I’m happy with my skin, do I go back to plastic perfection, do I keep it bare or do I try to find some happy medium?

All three baby, if there’s ever a choice presented to me, I take it all. Never settle, ever. Am I right? You know it.

I wanted skin that looks doll-like, but still human, I wanted glow, but still matte, I wanted coverage, but something that would also let my skin shine through and most importantly, I wanted something with incredible skincare benefits. I’m not talking, oooh some little bit of moisturizing agent in a BB cream type of thing, or something jam-packed with “natural” good for you ingredients.

I wanted a product that was first and foremost, an incredible skincare product, something that competes with the most high-end of skin saviours, that also had next level goldilocks type of coverage. Let me just tell you, my search was not unlike that of Leif Erikson, looking for the new land. (Like how I didn’t use that evil Bastard Columbus?) This journey was arduous as all hell. There are so many imposters and so many just so-so products out there. I had to sift through countless disappointing BB and CC creams, I could cry. The worst bit of it was the fact that these products that claimed to be good for the skin while giving good coverage (and by good, I don’t mean full, I just mean it made the skin look more beautiful with it on than alone). Most of what I found fell short in either one or sadly, both of its claims.

And then it happened, I forget exactly how I came across my miracle, but I do remember how excited and awe-filled I felt when I first tried it out. And as I write about it now, I don’t feel unlike Carter from a Walk to Remember when he talked about how Mandy Moore’s character was his miracle. Too far, not far enough I say. Who can compare romantic love to skincare love, this girl. Right here.

Dior Dreamskin Cushion

So without further…my new love is none other than: Dior’s Capture Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

Dreamskin Cushion

I had seen this baby on Youtube and in Sephora, and I had tried their Dreamskin Advanced Totale (when I was lucky enough to get a sample) and from everything that I had seen, heard and experienced it was the ultimate bomb.com. But unfortunately, the price is also a bit of a bomb. It’s a whopping $82. Yikes. Needless to say, this price point kept me from it for quite a while. But then once I actually started getting closer to the product I realized that it’s not actually that expensive…as in, when you buy it you get more than what you realize. For one, you get the cushion compact holder that is just beautiful, and then you get the cushion with the product and THEN, you get a refill cushion too!

The refills sell for $42 so since you’re getting two cushions for $82 you’re actually saving money…well $2, but still, I appreciate what they’re doing and hey, with this economy—every little bit counts.

What attracted me to Dreamskin Cushion in the first place, was the fact that its Dreamskin made into a cushion foundation product. In case you didn’t know, Dior has an absolutely amazing skincare line, I mostly know this due to sampling because it’s mortgage payment type pricing, so when I saw that Dreamskin cushion was actually $42 dollars I felt like I was able to finally get my hands on some Dreamskin without shelling out money that unfortunately has to go towards things like rent and food.

Dior Dreamskin

Another thing along these lines, I felt like I was getting a super good deal on getting my lil fingers on some Dior foundation goodness, and as we all know, their foundations, being in the higher end of high end- land in the $50-$60 range. So yeah, I didn’t think it was even possible to find a good deal on a Dior product, so once I realized this, well let’s just say my already overly healthy ego went up to a 10. I felt like I should have gotten at least some recognition and look, I know the Noble prize goes to people who help out with world peace and all, but dude, if everyone in the world could get their hands on some Dreamskin cushion, I think we’d quickly find wars ending and a whole lot more love being passed around. So who wants to nominate me for an award, or with this fabulous idea as my platform, I’d also consider a nom for public office. Let’s go all the way baby. Free makeup for ALL. With me as your President, I promise to have makeover Mondays, where you come to your local community center for a free, life-changing makeover. Then we’ll have skincare Saturdays, featuring free facials and spa treatments. We’ll have self-care Sundays where you’ll get a special shipment of bath bombs and lotions for a perfect day of pampering. I’ll also be introducing a few new Holidays, we’ll have a day of makeup, complete with a gift bag fly over full of new products. We’ll also consider Pat Macgrath’s birthday to be a National holiday, of course. So who’s with me, let’s Make America Beautiful Again!

So let’s get down into it: Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50. Grading: A F*cking A+

It does everything I wanted and then some. It has incredible skincare saviour qualities. It’s got the Dreamskin shiznatch which has something called Biomimetic Mica and Soft-Focus Optical Effect Powders that blur imperfections, it also has Boosted Longoza that restores skin density and radiance and it also is filled with Opilia that reduced the appearance of our pores and other imperfections. It also has other moisturizing agents that moisturize the skin for the God’s. All I know is, honey, it’s Dior, and while I’m no scientist and I can’t explain all of those ingredients and exactly what they do, I can speak to my own experience of the product and let’s just say, it’s been legendary. For one, I can literally feel the skincare products working the second I apply it to my face. Like this does not feel like a foundation or even a tinted moisturizer at all. It feels like skincare, the super high-quality stuff that you just know is going to change your skincare game. My skin feels moisturized and comfortable and as it can breathe, even when I apply powders over it, I still feel like there’s nothing besides a light-weight moisturizer on my face. And then throughout the rest of the day, that feeling just gets better. It’s incredible, I tell ya. I also love the way it makes my undereye area look, plump and healthy with just the right amount of coverage to lessen my dark circles and brighten the whole area in the most natural way. I have loved how Dreamskin Cushion has allowed me to skip concealers entirely on my natural makeup days (unless I’ve had a super late night and need to bring in the big guns). All I do is apply a little of Dreamskin Cushion to my undereye area using a damp beauty blender and then set with a little powder and voila! Underyes for the rested, full 8hr sleep gods.

Now let’s talk coverage. It’s everything that a BB, CC or tinted moisturizing wishes (and promises) they were. It gives a “your skin, but more beautiful” look and it does it right. It gives a light to dare I say buildable, medium coverage, but it does more than just that, it also blurs out the skin and truly minimizes pores – think of a really good smoothing primer. It also makes your skin look like that glowing from within but without being a greasy look. I die. When you apply Dreamskin cushion, do yourself a favor and just step back and look at your skin, you’ll see your skin, but you’ll be like, “Goodness gracious, do I look that good?!” Then you lament the years that you were without this Godsend of a product.

So I’m going to just close out here, and leave you with a plea: for the love of all that is Holy and glowing and smooth and healthy, go out and try it for yourself. You’ll find it at Sephora in the skincare aisle.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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