Did Anastasia Beverly Hills’ New Eyeshadow Primer Just Dethrone The Top Eyeshadow Primer Of All Time?

When ABH comes out with a new product, you put down your glass of wine, pause Netflix, and take action. Life goes on hold while we hurridly add their newest product to our carts and hit rush ship, overnighting if necessary. ABH is, after all, one of those brands whose releases can change the world and our faces for the better, and you don’t want to be the fool who waited and missed out. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills changed my brows, radically. As in, for the first time ever, I actually had brows to be proud of, brows that I loved. Her brow products are still something I use pretty much daily and I would be lost without them. Also, her contour powders and creams literally taught me how to actually contour beautifully, with confidence and success each and every time. Her highlighters were my professors, teaching me carefully and gently how to use highlights properly for the first time, and don’t even get me started on her gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and foundation sticks. My heart is full beyond all, overflowing with thanks and deep gratitude for these beautiful blessings to my face. So needless to say, when I saw ABH was making an eyeshadow primer, I did not hesitate. 

I’ve had this gem for a little while now, and I’ve been using it with fervour. I’ve worn it every which way, with every type of eyeshadow out there, and spoiler, it’s beautiful. I love it dearly, however, when I started comparing it to my other eyeshadow primers, I was shocked to realize that ABH’s couldn’t quite win over my heart. 

My all-time favorite eyeshadow primer is 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer by Smashbox. It’s the King of eyeshadow primers and if any primer deserves the crown, trust me, it’s 24 Hour Photo Finish. I have the oiliest lids ever and no other primer has given my eyeshadow longer wear time. NONE. To give some perspective, if I wear eyeshadow without primer, it will start creasing within a couple of hours (depending on heat and humidity 1-2 hours, not kidding). By the 4th hour mark, the eyeshadow will be creased and smeared so much, I’m lucky if there’s any still on the center of my lid. My this time my eyeliner starts smearing right off too, lucky me. 

If I wear an eyeshadow primer that’s average to pretty great (Nars, Mac Paint Pot, NYX, Urban Decay), I can get my eyeshadow to last for about 3-4 hours before it starts smearing and sliding. I’ve literally never got more than 4ish hours worth of solid eyeshadow that hasn’t started to smear until I found the King. 

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish has given me the longest, best, most vibrant eyeshadow wear of my life. I can get a solid 6-10 hours worth of wear on an average Southern California day (Thinking 70-80 degrees with little humidity) and on super hot days that are more humid, it’ll be 6-8 hours of wear. The biggest test for me is when the party goes a little too long and hard and I end up sleeping in my makeup (sorry, skin, don’t worry, I’ll do plenty of penance for this egregious deed later), and I’ve noticed that the eyeshadow will still be pretty intact in the morning. This is UNHEARD of for me. Like, when I first tried 24 Hour Photo Finish I was in utter and complete disbelief. I was also instantly in love and a devout and loyal subject to this King of Kings of eyeshadow primers. 

Ok, so now that I’ve perhaps too fully presented the benefits of 24 Hour Photo Finish, I will now get onto the task at hand, letting you know how ABH’s new eyeshadow primer compares. 

I’ll cut straight to it, ABH’s shadow primer is wonderful, and I would absolutely put it in my top three favorites, but, it doesn’t quite de-thrown 24 Hour. In fact, if I hadn’t yet found 24, I might even put it on top, I’ve been trying to decide if it’s truly better than Paint Pot and my other favorites, however, once I definitively decided that it was not better than 24, I stopped testing it against other primers. Why would I waste time on anything but the best, after all? 

So to break it down, ABH did give me a solid 5-6 hours of wear, but no more than that before creasing and smearing started to happen. (Keep in mind that I can get a solid 8-10+ hours of wear with 24 Hour). I did notice that on cooler days with very little humidity, I was able to get several more hours of wear with ABH’s. 

However, ABH does shine in a way that even the King doesn’t. It makes eyeshadow look so unbelievably vibrant. Here is where it really competes and truly earned its place in my top three (it could even be a solid #2 favorite). If you’ll notice from the pictures, ABH is full coverage and it’s bright (reminds me of P. Loise and Paint Pot). It covers any eyelid discoloration and it’s the perfect base for any eyeshadows that you want to really pop and stand out. The effect is just beautiful, and for this reason, whenever I wear vivid or bright colors and I don’t require hours and hours of wear, I’ll be reaching for ABH. 

So while it doesn’t quite take the throne from 24 Hour, ABH has most definitely earned its place in the primer palace, and on bright and colorful days, she shall reign supreme. 

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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