Covergirl’s New Exhibitionist Uncensored Extreme Black Mascara is a Hit

What does Covergirl's new Exhibitionist Uncensored Extreme Black mascara and Bend in like Beckman have in common? If you want a killer performance, you gotta bend it. Being that I haven't actually seen the movie, I'm going to stop the comparison here and focus only on the mascara's performance.

At first usage, this mascara is average. But if you bend the wand, it's extraordinary. It's gotta be that magical bending Beckman factor. When you bend a mascara wand, it helps you get really close to your lash-base and helps built volume like nothing else. It also helps you keep a steady hand throughout the application.

Interestingly enough, though, this doesn't work for all mascaras. Bending the wand can make certain mascaras give too much volume, or can result in the dreaded mascara flakiness. So you have to have the right mascara for this technique to work. Just like I'd expect the Beckham bend to not work for all soccer players, only him and the girls from the movie...I'll stop now. Soccer fans, don't @ me. 

So, the mascara. If you bend the wand, like in the pictures, you'll get super dramatic lashes. I'm talking full volume, especially at the roots. You also get a super good curl that lasts. Now, when I say volume, I mean, VOLUME. We're talking a junior Twiggy effect. It's not for the faint of heart. If you like a "natural lash" or steer-clear from black mascaras and go for a brown color...this is not for you. I repeat, if you like mascara subtleties on your lashes, step away from the Exhibitionist. But you know what, you actually might want to step back forward and give this a try. A super volumized lash can give your eyes a whole new look, and you won't know if you like it till you try it. Another fantastic feature that makes the Exhibitionist worth trying is its smudge-proofness. This is a massive reason why I've kept reaching for it. I have uber-oily lids, and mascara loves to wander off my lashes and onto my lids with that tell-tale "panda eye" or "zebra eye" look. 

So if you're looking for an ultra-volumizing mascara that won't budge, gives excellent curl and lift-the Exhibitionist is your girl---if you're ready to bend it that is.  

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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