Colourpop’s That’s Taupe Collection Is a Cool-Toned Dream Come True

If you love cool tones, then you are about to rejoice. I have found the most incredible cool-toned collection of eyeshadows, highlighters, and lip liners by Colourpop. Their That's Taupe Collection seriously could not get any better. For one, the colors are ACTUALLY cool toned. I have been scouring the stores for cool-tones for years, and I can safely say, this collection is one of the truest sets of cool-toned makeup that I've ever found.

So many pieces of makeup claim to be cool toned, but they aren't. There's usually too much warmth, and just because it's called "Taupe" does not necessarily mean that it's actually a cooler shade. I was so excited when I tried this collection because for once; the shades were legitimately cool. And they are so gorgeous. I truly have not been this enthusiastic and in love with a palette in so long. In fact, I called my sister the day after trying these products and told her that it made my love for makeup itself totally reinvigorated. It really is that great.

If you already love cool-tones and know they are look flattering on you, then I promise you, this palette will blow you away. The shades are perfection; they give that gorgeous 90's supermodel look with flawless perfection. And if you aren't too sure about cool tones, or you're convinced warm shades are your ride or die, then I highly recommend you give some cool shades a try. You never know until you try it, and besides, it's always fun to contrast your usual go-to with something new and fresh.

Now, let's talk quality. Colourpop products are usually ultra-high quality that can compete with the best of them (aka the higher price range, luxury brands) but this collection blows the competition away. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows. Let's just say; they passed the over-night test with flying colors (that stayed ON my ultra-oily lids and retained their full pigmentation!). The shadows are also a dream to apply; they are intensely pigmented but buttery soft and super easy to blend out. The shimmers are dreamy too, super easy to apply with either a brush or your fingers. The shades complement each other and layer beautifully as well. You're going to have so much fun applying these gorgeous shades, they are perfect for natural and bold looks and make applying makeup fun and easy. You cannot go wrong with these shades, and if you like cool tones, these are going to be your new favorites. Ever since I got this collection, I'm having a seriously hard time using anything else. They are just the best.

The highlighters are gorgeous as well; I got the body highlighter in Rose. It's a beautiful cool-toned, deep rose color that is just gorgeous and so flattering on the skin. It's made for the body, but I use it on my face as well. I love mixing a tiny bit of it in my foundation or primer; it gives my skin the most incredible glow. Also, it smells like heaven. Absolutely delicious. I apply it to my shoulders, chest, legs, basically anywhere that I want to add a beautifully lightly tanned glow.

The awesome thing with a cool-toned body highlighter is that you basically guarantee NO orange. If you use any type of self-tanner or bronzing products, you know how hard it is to find something that won't look orange, and I can only think of one person who would actually go for an orange look on purpose (we’ll leave that right there for now). So, if you want a gorgeous glow that gives a subtle, natural bronzing with zero orange, you need this life-changer now.

The super shock highlight is gorgeous as well. I got it in the shade Seismic, and it's this lovely cool-champagne highlight that is just beautiful on the face and body. I use it everywhere. It's so versatile and flattering. You can apply with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge to get different intensities. I love how you can do a super beaming type of a glow, or you can tone it down for a barely visible natural-looking glow. Not too many highlighters can boast that level of versatility. It's also great as an eyeshadow, either as a topper or a standalone.

Saving the best for last, (Just kidding, it would be impossible for me to pick favorites with this awesome collection), let's talk about the lip liners.

Oh, my Gawd. That is my only reaction. (If you know of the specific Office Reference, then Cheers to you, fellow Meredith STAN. For reference: Season 5, Episode 11 at 3 mins, 50 seconds in).

I never knew I could love a lip pencil with such reckless abandon. These are by far my new favorites, and I've been wearing literally nothing else since I got my hands on these beauties. They are amazing. First of all, the quality, it's insanity (ultra-high, on par with the highest of high quality), they are easy to use, they stay on for hours, they last through messy burger feedings. (I like to call my eating escapades "feeding" when I'm feeling sassy). Also, they make over-lining a cinch, so If you're into filler-free fuller lips, these are the liners for you.

And now that we've established the high quality and ease of use let's talk about the shades. They are the answer to my cool-toned prayers, truly the shades of my dreams. They are so freaking beautiful. They will make you feel like a 90's supermodel; there's no other way to explain it. A cool-toned taupe may sound unconventional when we usually think of Rosy-nudes or shades of pink for lip liners, but please trust me on this, you do not know how amazing these shades will look until you try them and once you do, you'll never be the same. You'll be a cool-toned, supermodel goddess that brings the dreams of the 90's front and center.

Bottom line, Colourpop out did themselves, they heard the prayers for cool tones and over-delivered with the most gorgeous collection of high-quality cool-toned shades imaginable. So, hey now, go grab this set and make your dreams a reality.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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