Benefit’s Game-Changing Brow Microfilling Pen Is Insane(ly amazing)!

Eyebrows are arguably the most important part of one's makeup routine.

They frame the entire face and are vital to a good makeup look. If you don't believe me, google pictures of celebrities without eyebrows. I'll be here when you're done and convinced.

Since they are so important, it's essential that you have a good brow product, nay, an amazing brow product. Do not settle in this area. There are so many incredible eyebrow products out there, at every price range and for every type of style.

If you want a product that is quick, beginner-friendly, and astonishingly easy to use; listen up. Benefit's new Brow Microfilling Pen is going to be your new best friend. Nay, your new ride or die, the Romeo to your Juliet. You get the picture; once you try this product, you're going to go to ridiculous lengths to ensure that it's always in your life.

benefit microfilling brow pen

I was skeptical as all hell when I heard of this product, it just looked too good to be true, but after hearing rave reviews all over social media, I finally caved and good heavens, am I ever in love!

This brow pen is so freaking easy to use; I'm convinced that a steady-handed toddler could effectively use it. It feels a little like you're using a marker, in terms of how easy it is to apply. All you do is lightly press it to your eyebrow area and simply start making upwards drawing strokes. And after a few seconds, you've got eyebrows that know what's up. I don't want to sound redundant, but I literally and physically cannot stress enough how easy and fast this product is. Seconds people. Also, the effort it takes to use the Brow Microfilling Pen is like a 2 out of 10. All you need is to be awake and particularly coherent to get gorgeous brows. Usually, on the level of focus and precise application, brow products are a full 10. I'm usually sweating with the effort by the end of it. Brows are not the type of thing I would ever do half asleep or without a high dose of caffeine in my system. Benefit has changed that, with the Brow Microfilling Pen, I can literally roll out of bed and apply this, no coffee, and only one eye fully open. It's ridiculous—a complete game-changer for lazy people everywhere.

Benefit Microfilling brow pen

If you're a seasoned brow pro, you might also really like this product as the first step in your eyebrow routine. It's fantastic for a super full, fluffy brow. The pen tip allows you to draw perfectly fine little strokes that resemble brow hairs in an ultra-natural-looking way. So, you can either use this product alone and get a really full and natural brow or add other products to refine and define your perfectly sculpted shape.



Whatever your eyebrow needs, and preferences are, you will love this product. I cannot be convinced otherwise. So, go meet the new best friend, don't keep love waiting.

benefit microfilling pen
Hannah Flack
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