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If you haven’t seen this product yet, then get ready for a major ride down nostalgia lane. If you’ve already encountered it, you know exactly what I mean. Remember those awesome clicky pens where you could slide down one of the several top clickers to reveal a different colored ink? Heck yes you do, hello Jr. High life! (Or college if you’re like me and needed to be that person with color-coded notes *high fives cause I’m gonna assume you were*

So this brow product is essentially just that. Instead of having one brow pencil with one color choice, you now have one pencil with four color choices. It’s pretty freaking rad to borrow some school day jargon.

Who can resist those enticing little clickers?! (Certainly not me, I literally barged into an Ulta the second I knew they would be there and charged over to the Benefit counter, knocking past several poor customers who quite frankly, never stood a chance, and grabbed the Brow Contour Pro to click happily for the next 10 minutes. Again, Ulta, I apologize for my behavior.

But the unfortunate thing is, the quirky and gimmicky nature of the pen is what keeps a lot of people away from it, including me for a while. I just felt silly and also the pen itself feels oddly flimsy despite it’s larger size. The other drawback is the actual brow pencils inside the pen are notably larger in diameter than say the Anastacia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz, or the other similar products from Nyx, Loreal, and Benefit (just to name a few off the top of my head).

It took me several weeks after the Brow Contour Pro had been debuted before I finally purchased and even when I did buy it, it wasn’t without a little bit of hesitation and dare I say, trepidation…

But my fears were quickly cast aside and the only feeling of regret I had was simply that I hadn’t brought the pen into my life the second I fell in love with its clickers.

Here’s why. Just as the school version of the pen makes note-taking easier and more fun, this does the same for your brows. The fact is, you don’t want to do your brows in one single color, it can lead to the dreaded Instagram brow…we’ve all been there, that overdraw, heavy-handed brow that looks like a toddler attacked your face with a dark-colored sharpie. Not a good lewk darling.

I’m going to leave a couple of my favorite life-changing brow technique  videos here to illustrate and further explain my point, but basically you want to create a natural-looking, healthy brow and using a lighter color on the front (closer to your nose) part of your brow and a darker color towards the tail end does a fabulous job of this. Another great tip I’ve learned is to use a lighter shade right beneath the brow to “cut it in” as the makeup gods say. This helps shape your brows and contours them naturally, carving out your best face ever.

So the deal is this, the Brow Contour Pro gives you the ability to do all this with just one pen. Not only does this drastically simplify your makeup game and save you time, but it also saves hella dough too, that’s right, cash money. Instead of having to go out and buy several different brow pencils and let’s not forget the process of color matching all of them as well, you get it all in one for the price of one. Yes, please, and thank you, sir.

Now let’s get down to the real nuts and bolts and break this baby down.

Pros: One single product with four different pens.

Easy of use: these are some of the easiest to use brow pencils I have experienced. As mentioned earlier, the diameter of the pencils themselves is wider than the usual brow pens, but what I found is that the Brow Contour Pro’s extra width actually made application easier. It’s faster and while it may be slightly less precise than a diameter of a brow whiz type product, I found that the Contour Pro gave me a more natural look that was still on fleek. So much so that I’m confidently saying the wider diameter is not a drawback for me, but a plus.

Formula: Excellent af. It’s exactly what you want in a brow product, not too waxy, not too dry, great pigmentation, superb lasting power. You apply it at 8 am and look great until the evening when you take it off (or perhaps into the next day if you sin like me and neglect to take your makeup off a few times…oops. Or, who else has done this one, you take off all your makeup except your brows…cause you want to wake up looking amazing and you feel like leaving on just brows can’t be all that bad? Please dear god, tell me I’m not the only one).

Funness: Yes, I’m going to list this as a plus. The product is just fun, the clicking, the cuteness, the nostalgia, using it always brightens my day and puts a smile on my face so yes, it’s a freaking plus.

Time saver: Once you pass the learning phase and get into Jedi master of the brows you’ll see the larger diameter of the pencils actually makes for a much quicker brow application. Yeeeeees. Praise Thor.

Cons: The biggest real con is the fact that there is a learning curve. This product is unlike anything I have ever used so it took some time to adjust to a new tool, simple as that. I’d say it took me a solid five to ten applications before I started to really hit my stride and then after that I felt more confident with this product that I have with more precise pencils even.

Here’s what you’ll have to adjust to, the larger diameter of the brow pencils themselves, this gives you less control and less precise application of the brow product until you get used to it that is.

Then there’s the larger size of the entire pencil itself, after all, it’s housing four smaller pencils inside it. It felt awkward at first to hold up such a large brow pencil much like if you used a slim pencil and suddenly someone hands you a pencil that’s twice it’s diameter…it would just be weird for a while.

Then another con that while it hasn’t impacted the effectiveness/efficacy of the product what so ever, I still have to include it here: the flimsy feel of the pen. When you look at the Brow Contour Pro you’ll see that there’s a line in the middle and the pen is separated into two parts, the top and bottom. If you hold the pen on the bottom part and shake it, it sort of wiggles and if you hold one end with one hand the other with the remaining hand you can force the pen to wiggle further…now why anyone would do this while applying it to their brows, I don’t know so it should have zero impact what so ever on actual performance…but still it’s part of the overall presentation and package and it’s less than perfect so yeah, it’s a weird drawback.

Formula: the only little drawback formula wise is with the highlighter pencil, now I haven’t checked this in all other shades, I got blonde light for reference, but the highlighter is a little shimmery. This could definitely be a plus for some people who may like to highlight their brow bones with shimmer and I actually do that with a powder product, but I wanted a more matte shade to cut the brow shape more naturally. Think shape tape concealer type of move.

How I deal with this: I don’t. I nine times out of ten just don’t even click this shade down and I’ll be honest, nine times out of ten, I usually don’t cut my brows in either. I’m super happy with where I can get them with this product and I haven’t felt the need to cut them in for quite some time. 

Final grade: I’m torn actually, I would say a solid A but that’s after the learning curve. If you grab the product and start using for the first few times, it would be more like a B to even a B minus. Once you get through the learning curve though, it’s most certainly an A for me. So stick with it and not only will you have the quickest set of great brows, you’ll be able to do it while walking down your nostalgia-filled memory lane of one of the most exciting and gratifying experiences of childhood: going to the store for new school supplies. Good god, take me back.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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