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Level Up Your Contour Game with Fenty's Match Stix Trio

When it comes to makeup, one cannot underestimate the power of contouring. Once you master the art of contour, your makeup game will never be the same. And your beautiful face will never have looked better. Good contouring makes all the difference, and it does so in the most natural and subtle way. 

Sadly, when you hear the word "contour" images of certain (unnamed), celebrities will flash through your mind. You see harsh dark lines along their cheekbones and the sides of the nose, you also see unnaturally brightened areas under the eyes and perhaps a weird, much-too-orange bronze "tying it all together". 


Here is the trick with getting contouring right, when it is done correctly, you will not see it. You see the subtle effects, but it will look natural. You should never see someone's face and think "Omg, that contour is amazing." You should see the face and think "Wow, killer cheekbones." Or just think about how great they look in general. Contouring has the power to make your face look even more beautiful, in the most natural way possible (sans actual plastic surgery that is). 

The Keys To Great Contouring

When it comes to contouring, good products are essential. The technique is also paramount, but if you have incredible products, you can pretty much fix any mistakes with simple blending. 
These contour sticks from Fenty are just the thing. They are as fool proof as it gets, and this kit will make literally anyone a master contour artist. 

 The key with contouring is getting the shade exactly right. Also, you need multiple products. If you are going in with something orange-toned, bronze and shimmery, you are doing it wrong. Contour is all about creating (or enhancing) natural shadows. This means you need a shade that matches your skin tone that is just a shade or two deeper that has a little bit of a "shadow tone". I have got pretty pale skin that's got warm to neutral tones, so my perfect contour shade has a hint of grey to it. Other skin tones might need warmth to create that natural shadow depth.
Finding the right contour shade for you might take a few tries to get it right, and you will know it is working when you do not see it, but you see the effects. (AKA suddenly, your cheekbones just pop and look so lifted, or your forehead or nose mysteriously look smaller).

When it comes to finding your shade, fenty reigns supreme

Usually, I HAVE to swatch and try out a contouring product before purchasing, but when I saw Fenty's Match Stix Trio, I thought I had a pretty good chance of following their color match picture guide and getting it right. Fenty is a super-excellent brand when it comes to shade range (and everything else!), so if you struggle with finding the right shades, seriously, I cannot emphasize this enough-CHECK OUT FENTY BEAUTY. Their shades were perfect for me, and I could not be happier. 


They give you the perfect shades necessary for contouring, the shadow-creator shade, then a brighter shade to bring about natural highlighting, and finally a shimmer shade to help those cheekbones pop right out of their sockets. (That's the goal, right?!). 


The thing that I luuuurve about the Match Stix Trio is just how RIGHT they are with these shades. The deep shade is perfect for enhancing your natural shadows, and that is usually where most brands stop. Fenty knows that a good contour does not stop with a deep shade. You have created shadows, great, but what about bringing out the areas you want to stand out? That shadow part needs to be contrasted with the area that you want to bring forward. Think real artist moment here. The deep shade is for creating a part of the face that will "recede into the shadows", but then you need to contrast that with a part of the face that you pull forward and bring out. A lot of makeup wearers out there do this with a shimmery highlighter, but here is the deal. Shimmer is great for certain areas of the face, but unless you have the skin of a literal baby, do not put shimmer on any areas that might have fine lines. Don’t believe me? Get up right now, grab something shimmery and slap it down under your eyes and tell me how you like it. 


Usually, one of the areas we want to brighten and pull forward is the undereye. We want to pull that dark, sunken area up and out and make it look like we got 8 hours of real sleep. (Even though we stayed up re-watching Eurovision Song Contest on Netflix and then got on YouTube to replay that song over and over again). 

fenty match stix
fenty match stix
fenty match stix

If you want to cheat sleep (looks-wise anyways), you need the brightening shade from the Match Stix Trio. It is seriously one of the most natural-looking concealers for under eyes that I have ever found. You can pile it on if you need extra coverage, or just apply a light wash of color, either way; it be will as natural as it gets. No sinking into the fine lines whatsoever. This shade just perfectly brightens and highlights whatever area of the face you apply it to. I use it under my eyes to brighten and feign sleep; I put it on the highpoints of my cheekbones to bring them out, I also use it on my forehead a little bit, my chin, the bridge of my nose and my upper lip. It is seriously that versatile. I also love how easy it is to blend out, like the deeper shade; all you need is a little blending sponge, a brush or your fingers. It is basically as easy as pie. If you go to heavy-handed, blend it out. If you do not like where you placed it, blend it out and redo it. If you need more, apply more and blend it out. You cannot go wrong. I have tried. It always just comes out perfectly. Thanks, Rihanna. No seriously, thank you. These contour sticks are straight from heaven. I cannot and will not live without them. 

But Wait, There's More

As if this product could not get any better, there is more. It is a trio after all. And there is one last trick up Fenty's sleeve; the Shimmer stick. Guys, guys, guys. I love this thing so much. It is the perfect shimmer for creating a natural highlight. Like seriously, if you apply it light-handed enough, you can make it look like your real skin. It says shimmer, but when applied exactly right, it will just make your skin look like it is got that "lit-from-within-glow". It is the dream. For real. You can put it anywhere, and it will look amazing. I use it on my cheekbones, of course. Also, I like to use it on my upper lip, my collarbones, shoulders, down the center of my legs if shorts are happening...literally, just put it anywhere you want to look glowing and fabulous. Especially if you are going to be taking photos-I cannot stress enough how incredible it will make you look in photos. 



Also, one last bit before I leave you; these contour sticks can be applied under or over your makeup. They also look incredible on their own and can literally be used as your base makeup. So, if you want to take your contour game to the next level of natural-looking contoured perfection, you NEED the Match Stix Trio in your life. So, level the hell up. Go now. Trust in the power of Fenty. It just might be the best decision of your life. 

fenty match stix trio
fenty match stix trio
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