Beauty Bakerie’s Blending Sponges Are Total Game Changers

Beauty Bakeries’ Blending Egg Sponges are Total Game Changers

Who would have thought that a colorful egg-shaped sponge would take the beauty world by storm and change everything? Not me. I was very apprehensive about my first beauty blender purchase. It just did not feel great to plunk down my hard-earned $20ish for a little sponge. But the results were incredible, and I was hooked.


If you use beauty blenders, you know. If you don't, keep reading, you're about to.

beauty bakerie egg sponges

The magic is in the blending.

These miraculous little sponges blend foundation (and whatever other base products you might be using) in a way that no brush, or certainly any fingers can do. It's the best product if you're looking for an airbrushed, ultra-natural, my-skin-but-better kind of look. Brushes can leave brush lines behind quite easily, and like finger-application, they can make the foundation look like it's just laying over your skin instead of seamlessly blended in.

Need for speed

The other incredible attribute of the blending sponge is its signature speed. This little baby will absolutely rock your world in terms of giving you the gift of time. What used to take 10 or 15 minutes of blending (or let's be real, maybe it's 2 minutes on certain days) will now take a mere one or two minutes (or if your regular blend is already two minutes, it'll take about 40 seconds). The beauty blender is built for speed.

beauty bakerie blending sponges
beauty bakerie blending sponges
beauty bakerie blending sponges

The little egg sponges fit into the contours of your face perfectly and covers a surprising amount of skin, so all you need is a few choice bounces across your face and boom. Perfectly blended out foundation. It really is one of the best makeup tools ever created. If you struggle with getting a natural-looking foundation application, or if you're looking to quicken your makeup routine, you've got to get yourself a blender ASAP.

The only issue with beauty blenders nowadays is finding a good one that's not $20 for a little spongy egg. I'm sorry, but that's just a ridiculous amount to pay for a literal sponge. Here's why, sponges get dirty and must be replaced faster than brushes. It's simply basic hygiene. Yes, you can wash the blenders, but as you'll soon learn, they're good for a few months before even the most ardent of washings will not cut it. And I'll tell you this, that $20 price point is not fun to have to repay several times a year. So, after burning through dollars and sponges for a while, I actually went back to brushes for several years, until they-cosmetic companies, that is, started making more wallet-friendly blending sponges.

Trust me; I've tried them all. Here's my newest favorite. Presenting the Blending Egg Beauty Sponges by Beauty Bakerie.

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