An $8 Dupe For Pat McGrath’s New Mascara?

When I heard that Pat McGrath was coming out with a new mascara there was only one thing to do. Don a beautiful, flowing white dress, and a flower crown and run, barefoot to the nearest grassy, flower ridden field, and kneel down right in the center to give thanks. When the makeup gods give us such a great blessing, one must give thanks and pay homage, it’s just the right and godly thing to do.

Now here’s the bizarre part in all of that, the fact that I knew I needed to give thanks before even trying the product. Yes, that’s just how much faith I have in Pat McGrath. So far, her products have been some of the absolute best releases. Ever. In the history of makeup. Pat McGrath Labs took the world by storm and set a new standard for greatness when it comes to beauty products. They are revolutionary when it comes to high quality and performance that will blow all competitors right out of the water like sad, beached whales. If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on Pat’s products, you know exactly what I mean, you’re sitting there nodding, perhaps raising your hands in symbolic praise, it’s ok if tears are in your eyes, rest assured fellow Pat disciple, they are in mine as well.

If you haven’t tried Pat McGrath Labs for yourself, get thee to a Sephora and swatch immediately, you haven’t lived until you do. Trust.

The only, ONLY downside to Pat McGrath products is their price tag. And I want to be sure, I’m not complaining here nor am I saying they don’t deserve their price or that they aren’t worth it. No sir, if ever there were to be a high priced makeup product, it should be Pat McGrath. Honestly, she could price it higher (please dear lord, don’t). They are that good.

Now what do we do with high priced makeup products, we try to find less-expensive dupes. People have tried to find dupes for Pat’s products, but let me tell you finding something that even comes close to Pat’s perfection is nigh impossible. It’s like trying to find a knock off for a Piccaso, I mean, the first question is why? Don’t disrespect the artistry like that. Am I right?

Not quite, because Pat McGrath’s products are products after-all, we buy them to paint our faces and if we can find a cheaper alternative, more power to the people. High performance at low cost is what makeup dreams are made of. It would be ridiculous to think otherwise. Unless you are made of money are actively trying to get rid of it. (In which case, message me for my Venmo and I’ll alleviate you from that problem).

So let’s get right down to it, yeah? No more stalling. I heard that Covergirl had a possible dupe for Pat’s new mascara. I tried it. I compared and contrasted just like in high school English class.

Two mascaras entered the ring, only one left victorious. The other, spent, lying on the floor breathless, mouth bleeding, it was a total knock out folks.

Ok, it actually wasn’t that intense of a win. But it was a win nonetheless.

Covergirl’s mascara is called the Exhibitionist. ($10.99) It comes in a silver tube. It’s simplistic in design, but I appreciate the minimalist, understated elegance. Pat’s is called FetishEyes. ($28.99) It comes in a similarly minimal design, but it definitely has more elegance. It’s in a sleek, subtly shiny black tube with gold lettering. It’s also noticeably heavier than Covergirl’s Exhibitionist.

Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara

Pat’s tube is also slightly longer. The brushes are similar as well with slight, but significant differeneces. I’ll let you see for yourself below.

Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara
Top: Pat McGrath Bottom: Covergirl

Now onto the real McCoy: the performance. Ok, I’m going to try not to sugar coat it with Pat’s, but you guys know how I am with P. McGrath. I’m a devotee through and through. A most humble disiple, so if you want, skip the next paragraph and just know, FetishEyes is the shiz. It’s fucking unreal, pardon the french, but it’s totally necessary. This mascara is INSANE MODE. It’s a beast.

FetishEyes will give you lashes you didn’t even know you had, it will give volume, length, intense black pigment you DID NOT KNOW WAS POSSIBLE. I swear to god, this mascara will take your lashes the furthest possible before going to all-out falsies. It’s intense as F*CK, and it’s not for the faint of heart. In fact, if you don’t like super dramatic lashes, I promise you, you’re not ready for it. If you like natural looking lashes with just a hint of mascara, steer away from FetishEyes. I’m not even being ironic there, I actually mean it. This mascara is so intense and dramatic that it may not be for everyone. I compared it to all my other Holy Grail mascara’s and it took each one to task in a major way. Pat outdid herself and I am truly in awe.

Now onto the comparison. So I was actually shocked with Covergirl because while (spoiler alert), The Exhibitionist did not prove to be a dupe for FetishEyes, it did put up a darn good fight, in fact, I might even call it a less intense version of FetishEyes.

I tried both the waterproof and regular versions of the Exhibitionist and I found the waterproof version came way closer to FetishEyes so I will only be talking about that one from now on, FYI.

The areas where the Exhibitionist fell short were the drama (i.e. volume), curling power, lengthening and staying power. While the Exhibitionist did give me beautiful lashes, and before I put FetishEyes on the other eyelashes to compare, I will say, I loved how Exhibitionist made my lashes look. But once I put FetishEyes on the other eye, I’m just like, yeah…there’s no way it’s a dupe. Sorry Covergirl, you made a gorgeous mascara to be sure, but it’s no Pat McGrath. However, if you are balling on a budget and you’re okay with lashes that look V similar, albeit less intense than FetishEyes, the Exhibitionist is your girl.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a field of flowers that I must get to. If you see a girl in white fervently praising and thanking the gods of makeup for blessing us with Pat McGrath products, please feel free to join.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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