Aether Beauty – Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette – Review

I am constantly on the search for all natural makeup that has the same quality of “regular makeup”. Unfortunately, as sad as it sounds, the natural makeup out there usually can’t hold much of a flame next to the makeup you’ll find in cosmetics stores, whether it be high-end department stores and, even drugstores. I wish the next words out of my mouth could be “until now”…sadly they cannot but, on a positive note, Aether Beauty’s Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette does have me very excited for the future of natural makeup.

I’m going to jump straight into the grading for a natural makeup brand competing with only other all-natural brands. In this case, I would definitely give it a hard A. It is by far the best all natural brand that I have ever tried. It is such a gorgeous palette and there is so much to love about it.

The packaging is as beautiful as it is sustainable! – It is fully recyclable and contains zero waste. You can also remove the eyeshadow pans and elastic band that holds the lid down when not in use.

The shadows themselves are just beautiful. I love the geometric layout. The shadows are formulated with ingredients that aren’t just pure, but also good for your skin, which I absolutely love. They have organic coconut oil and shea butter, rosehip oil and the most exciting of all, rose quartz power. Love, love, love all of it.

When comparing all of these factors against the most popular and best brands in the mainstream (non-natural-based) makeup products and I will hold fast to my A.

But when it comes to wear and performance, sadly the grade is going to slip. I want to reaffirm that this palette is by far the best of any natural branded eyeshadow that I have ever come across. But when I hold it to the standards of mainstream shadow performance I am forced to give it a grade of B-

While the shade range is gorgeous, I found that the four matte shades were quite dusty and hard to blend out. They could often get patchy if I didn’t blend super gently. The remaining shades are a bit hard to classify, there are four shades that can be described as a more satin finish, although two of them are quite dry and feel like a matte that was mixed with a little bit of satin. The remaining shades were definitely meant to be metallic, and when swatched they do appear it. But when applied to the eyelids, they just don’t cut it. They are definitely more of a satin finish, but without any rich pigment that usually comes with buttery soft satins and they are a far cry from a metallic.

When I went to apply the metallics they just lacked in that brilliant, rich shine and texture that I am used to from other brands. While they are beautiful still, the overall look results in a lackluster, underwhelming feeling.

The interesting thing is, I will still recommend this palette and here’s why. If you care a lot about the ingredients you put on your skin, and are willing to compromise on performance just a little bit – this palette is perfect. After all, there’s something wonderful in knowing that the products on your face are working hard to protect and nourish your skin. It’s also super great to support companies who invest in sustainable packaging. Win-win all around.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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