A Brow Pencil That Costs a Fraction of the Highend Brow Products but Can Compete With The Best of Them

The Intro

Brows make the biggest difference. They frame the windows to the soul after all. And they also can radically change your entire face shape. Just google celebrities without eyebrows. You’ll not only get a laugh but also an idea of just how important brows are. So by association, brow products are one of the most essential parts of your makeup arsenal. Brows are what are going to make or break your look, so a good brow product is absolutely necessary. But you know what isn’t required? Dropping mega-cash on a brow pencil.

The Down and Dirty on a Brow Pencil that costs a Fraction of the Highend Brow Products, but Can Compete With The Best of Them

Wet n Wild’s Micro brow Pencil is rad. It’s a mechanical pencil with a super-fine tip that’s retractable. It’s a very soft, waxy type of brow pencil, making it very easy to use. It has a top-notch spoolie on the other end that is great for shaping your brows and evening out product application. This brow pencil can truly compete with some of the most high-end brow pencils out there. It’s just as good, and at times, easier to use.

The Breakdown

It’s Wet n Wild. You know that the price point is going to be sweet. It’s $3.99 babe. It’s a long-lasting formula with a precise, super-fine point. The spoolie itself is really good too.

The Scoring 8/10

This brow pencil is fantastic. It is effortless to use due to the softness of its wax. You don’t need a lot of product or a heavy hand. I would recommend going in with a very light hand and adding more product as necessary. You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure. The brow pencil is very precise, so it’s excellent for drawing individual hairs. I also found that the spoolie is good for brushing the brow hairs into place and for diffusing and blending out the product as well, making this pencil great for natural brow looks.

I would say that if you want a super snatched and cut brow that is very precise, this won’t be the best product. Stick with a pomade or Broz Whiz by ABH. But, if you want a softer look that is super easy to apply, Wet n Wild’s micro brow pencil is fabulous.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for natural-looking brows
  • Soft formula that is very pigmented, making for super easy application
  • Great for a drawing on brow hairs Spoolie is top-notch


  • Not the best choice for a super precise and snatched brow
  • Can come out with too much intensity if you are heavy-handed, but the spoolie makes it easy to blend out even the heaviest of heavy-handed application

Tips & Tricks

Like I said, the most important factor with this brow pencil is to go about it with a less is more attitude. Light pressure, lots of blending with the spoolie.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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