The Most Delicious Collagen Green Tea You Need Like, Yesterday

It’s a new day. That means one thing, time for a collagen drink.

I jumped on the collagen trend back about a year ago, and after realized it was helping my knee pain dissipate, I was hooked. Of course, everyone says it’s good for your hair and skin, and to that I say, I hope so.

I can’t truly comment on whether collagen helps skin and hair though, because I’m always trying new products (topically) so it would be hard to say if it was the collagen or something else. So I drink it because it helps my knees not ache and have stabbing pains throughout the day (hello seven years of competitive dance). I hope that it’s making a difference for my hair and skin as well.

skinte collagen tea

So if you start on collagen, you’ll quickly realize something, not all collagen drinks are the same. Some taste really, really nasty. Also, the powders, be careful. There are several out there that do taste awesome, but too many are gross. We’ve got the chunky kind, the ones that smell like meat, the weird flavors, the overly sweet…you get the idea.

So, I am delighted to report that I have found a new (to me) collagen drink that is amazing! In fact, it’s one of the tastiest ones I’ve ever tried. And if you’re new to collagen, I would HIGHLY recommend you start with SkinTe’s Green Tea Grapefruit. The reason, it tastes incredible, but most importantly, the texture is smooth, exactly like you would expect a tea to be.

A lot of other collagen drinks, even some of the flavored waters can have a little bit of texture, but not SkinTe. It’s literally as smooth as water, which is shocking, as it has 3,000mg of collagen. You would seriously never know due to the water-like consistency and absence of grittiness or texture. And it’s delicious.

skinte collagen tea

You can taste the fresh green tea, but it’s perfectly balanced with sweetness. It’s not overly sweet like many green teas can be. The grapefruit combines perfectly and make for a fruity, fresh, and perfectly sweetened drink! I noticed that I got an immediate energy boost from the green tea (SkinTe has about 30mg of caffeine), but there was no hint of coffee jitters, nor was there a sugar crash. Perfection. So whether you’re new to collagen, or a die-hard, you need to try this delicious, nutritious, expeditious drink now.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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