Steer Clear of This Sticky Sunscreen Situation

I love SPF just as much as I love not having skin cancer. Unfortunately, though, it can be rather hard to find a decent sunscreen. They either are not long-wearing, give a white cast, don’t give even coverage, or worse yet, are sticky. There’s nothing worse than spraying or slathering a sticky liquid all over your skin. It’s horrible. Your hair sticks in it, your clothes stick to it, it’s uncomfortable as can be. We’ve all been there, so now it’s my duty to keep you away from that terrible mess by warning you about the following sunscreen.

Bare Republic, I am sorry. I so wanted to love you, you promised an SPF 50, free of chemical sunscreen ingredients, that was water-resistant and broad-spectrum and a sweet vanilla-coco scent to boot. I thought it sounded a little bit too good to be true, and sadly, I was right.

I first tried it out when I took my dog out for his favorite activity: shopping and getting green juices from Sunlife. I wore a tee-shirt and leggings and luckily I had the good sense to wear my usual SPF on my face and neck. I sprayed Bare Republic’s SPF on my arms and the little bit of skin showing on my ankles. It came out pretty white, which I was prepared for as it’s a mineral SPF, and after a good rubbing in and a few minutes, the white cast disappeared. However, what didn’t vanish was the sticky film residue.

I’m sorry to say, it was honestly one of the stickiest sunscreens I’ve ever tried. I felt like human flypaper for the entire duration of its wear on my skin. It made any hair within reach stick to it, including my dog’s hairs…so gross. I had to pull my own hair into a bun to keep it from sticking as well. The worst was just that sticky feeling…much like having an itch you can’t scratch, you can’t focus on anything. All I wanted to do was leave my shopping trip and go home to wash it off (and that’s pretty much what I did too). I had my friend feel my arm to see if I was just being dramatic and too sensitive, I thought, maybe this is what most sunscreens feel like and I’m just not used to a more sticky one? However, when she touched my arm my feelings were instantly confirmed in the expression on her face as she recoiled away. Basically, she said it was gross and that I should return it. Harsh, but true.

What My Skin Looked Like Immediately After Spraying Bare Republic SPF

I do want to say that if you were out for a beach or pool day where you were going to do some actual swimming, this SPF could be a great choice. You wouldn’t mind the stickiness whilst in the water and knowing that it’s free of chemical sunscreens might be a big plus to you. Also, it smells great and there’s no white cast in sight (quite a feat for mineral sunscreens!), I’d recommend after leaving the water you apply a different non-sticky SPF though. 🙂

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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