Pacifica’s SPF Setting Spray: Is It Worth It?

pacifica setting spf spray

Pacifica's new matte setting spray is a fantastic catch of a product, but it has a major catch as well. 

It is great because it does just what it says, it sets your makeup (it also works well on bare skin), leaving you with a matte finish that will last for several hours at least. And it protects your skin with SPF 45. What is not to love? I will tell you. The catch with this product is the stickiness it leaves behind. 

If you've applied spray sunscreens before, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you close your eyes and imagine a light film of subtly sticky texture on your skin, you can feel the icky feeling right now. 

Now, when I say subtle, I do mean subtle. It is not too bad. But, if you are sensitive to stickiness like me, you will not be able to use this product. The worst of the stickiness is if you get any in your hair too. It feels just nasty. 

The only time I will wear it is either to a beach day, one where I will actually be out in the water and do not care what I look like. Or if I am either wearing a super-tight ponytail or a hat. 

Now that I have laid out all the cons, there are some very decent pros. It does a bang-up job of mattifying the skin. In fact, if it were not for the stickiness, I would use it over my other setting sprays. It truly keeps your skin matte for a long freaking time. I usually get about an extra hour of mattification from my usual setting sprays, but this bad boy gave me more like two to three additional hours of shine-free skin. And it sets makeup beautifully too. 

So, if subtle stickiness does not bother you and you want a good setting spray that will seriously control oil, this is the perfect product for you. And you are lucky. Seriously, I am more than a little jealous (bordering on outright bitter) of your ability to deal with stickiness.

Final Thoughts

If there were a way to get rid of the stickiness (or if I could somehow get over my repulsion to it--maybe I should investigate hypnosis?!), I would be all over this stuff. Who does not want a good setting spray that mattifies AND protect your precious skin from the evil, evil sun.

pacifica spf setting spray
Hannah Flack
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