DYI Iced Cold Brew Latte Featuring Starbucks Color Changing Tumblers

If you’re a coffee lover, you need to try this recipe for the most amazing iced cold brew latte. It’s as delicious and it is easy to make. I live for coffee, I drink it constantly, I’m about as devoted as it gets. Now, because I drink it so much, I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about great tasting coffee and other such caffeinated drinks. I have spent an enormous amount of time watching Youtube videos about how to best make coffee drinks, I’m subscribed to coffee magazines, I know about the latest trends in coffee beans, and don’t even ask me how much I spend on beans and coffee making equipment. I justify my spending though because even though it’s expensive upfront, (I tell myself) it will end up saving me money long-term because it’s cheaper than trips to Starbucks and other coffee cafes, especially when you consider the number of coffee drinks I down in a day. No kidding, I probably make on average, 6-8 coffee drinks a day. I mean, is that a lot? All I know is that I start drinking it as soon as I wake up and I sip it constantly until about 6 pm when I cut myself off. (And then I switch to decaf or hot chocolate).

So anyways, all this to say, please trust me when I tell you this recipe for an iced cold brew latte is the absolute bees knees. It’s freaking delicious and it’s easy as pie.

All you need is a good batch of cold brew, my current favorite is KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee. Then you need a milk, I alternate between almond, coconut, and A2 dairy milk. (Sidenote: if you drink dairy, I so recommend trying A2, it’s delicious! I can’t drink regular dairy because it gives me a nasty stomach ache and I always thought I was lactose intolerant, but when I tried A2, I had ZERO stomach issues, so since I love the taste of dairy milk, I am in heaven with A2!). The only other thing you need is ice. When I’m not feeling lazy (or when the ice maker is on the fritz), I make coffee ice cubes the night before making a latte, I love doing this because it ensures that my coffee drinks will never be watered down! All I do is make my regular coffee, wait for it to cool then pour it into an ice tray and let the freezer do it’s thing overnight.

You can also add syrups for flavoring of course, and whipped cream for when you’re feeling fancy.

When it comes to making the drink itself: it literally could not get any easier.

Take out your cup of choice, fill with some ice, then fill it to about two-thirds of the way with milk, then pour your cold brew over till full. Now if you want, add your syrups and whipped cream, or don’t. You’re done. It takes like one minute and you’ve got one of the most delicious and satisfying iced lattes that will have Starbucks quaking.

Bon Appetit.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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