Why The Dyson Airwrap is The Best (hair) Investment Ever

Dyson Airwrap: the Best Investment Money Can Buy

If you want instant results that will blow you away, the Dyson Airwrap is it. Out of all the numerous hair products I've purchased, the Dyson Airwrap is hands down the best investment I've ever made in my hair.

I'm talking, I wish I would have bought it sooner. I wish it were created earlier. I wish I hadn't spent so much money on other products and had just trusted my gut and went with Dyson before now.

But I don't like to live with regrets, so instead, I'm going to say this: I am eternally grateful that I finally pulled the trigger and gave myself the best gift that money can buy.

This product is genuinely insane. It does everything, blow dries, curls, straightens, gives other-worldly lift and volume, smoothes…and it does all this without damage. I know, I know, sounds too good to be true. That's what I thought, and it's why I held off buying it for so long. But thankfully, I finally have it in my hands. And let me tell you, it's my favorite beauty-related purchase I've made in like the last ten years? (Or whenever I started buying beauty stuff).

Basically, it took my unruly, frizzy, flyaway-prone hair and gave me the smoothest, most easily styled hair of my life.

I've been beyond frustrated with my hair for as long as I can remember. I have super fine hair that's frizzy, wavy in some areas and pin-straight in others. It's super fragile and prone to breaking too, so that means if I go ham on heat styling, I get treated to severe breakage and won't be able to grow it out past CHIN length. It's absurd.

So up until I got the Airwrap, I had two choices.

  1. Heat style. To have smooth hair, I would have to blowdry my hair using a round brush within an inch of its life and then flat iron on top of the blowout. (And god forbid I encounter even the slightest hint of humidity-poof, poof, hello frizz.)
  2. Air dry. This means Hermionie-eske frizz. Flyaways. Random stringy straight sections around my face and super fun stray curls in the underneath layers.

The heat styling resulted in split-ends and breakage almost instantly. My hair is more fragile the ego of a raging narcissist. So if I wanted to grow my hair out at all, I had to heat style as conservatively as possible. But that meant that on days where I wasn't using heat, I had to use hats. Seriously, my air-dried hair is that bad.

So I was always torn between having presentable hair that I felt good in (knowing the heat styling was damaging and I'd have to sacrifice temporary style for long-term health and length) or having healthy hair that looked outrageous.

So can guess which choice I made most often. (Hello, why my hair was always in a perpetual bob).

Well, guess what world? I now have the smoothest, most incredible hair of my life and my bob has turned into a healthy lob. And, my hairdresser says my hair is the healthiest she's ever seen it, and there's nothing to suggest that it won't continue to keep growing out! I could not be happier. Like, not be dramatic, but when I first tried the Airwrap, I may have shed a few happy tears.

Now let's get into exactly what it does and how it works.

The Airwrap is a complete styler, as it curls, waves, smoothes, drys and volumizes hair. And it does all of this with minimal heat damage.

It comes with all these attachments (depending on which model you get). There are three brushes that offer different degrees of smoothing and volumizing. The brushes are very straight forward and incredibly easy to us. They give you the most incredible blowout and are so quick and straightforward to figure out. Like seriously, I'm talking salon level blowout.

Then there are the Airwrap barrels with were engineered to create volume, waves and curls. There are different sizes available; some kits come with either 1.2-inch barrels or the 1.6 inch. I got the kit that comes with both, and I use the smaller barrels for tighter curls or a beachy look and the larger ones for waves or increased volume. (Think: hot rollers type of volume).

The barrels have a slight learning curve to them, but they are also super easy. (Way easier than a regular curling iron!) I got it figured out after a couple of tries. This video by Jen Atkin shows a simple, easy to follow tutorial. After I watched it, I feel like things just clicked and using the barrels was fool-proof.

Also, the barrels have this cool technology called the Coanda effect which means that the hair wraps around the barrel by itself (using air, so there's no risk of it getting pulled like other "automatic curlers"). You can also wrap your hair around it like Jen does in the video for a more beachy look.

Now let's talk heat. Using the Airwrap means you are saving your precious hair from excessive heat damage for several reasons. The Airwrap has heat damage-intelligent heat control. This means that the air temperature is measured over 40 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage while styling. (Hello science just straight blessing us). It also has cool-touch, one-click attachments, meaning you won't burn your fingers while snapping on different attachments!

Another big plus is how light-weight the Airwrap is. If you've ever used a blowdryer, especially in conjunction with a round brush, you know the savage soreness this will cause your arms. Seriously, I hated giving myself a blow out just for the intense pain. Yes, I said pain. Holding your arms up for that long alone, nevermind the strength it takes to apply tension with the brush and holding the dryer at weird angles, it's an actual work out.

Now before we close out, let's talk about the one negative. The price. It's high, and I get it. But here's my rationale. I was putting a lot of money into all these products that claimed to smooth my hair. Creams, gels, sprays, shampoos. New brushes. You name it. Also, I would get professional blowouts if I had an important event. (I was never able to get a blowout that would last on my own, not to mention, the salon-worthy bounce and shine that you just can't get yourself for some reason). So after taking a hard look at how much I was spending each year on all the above hair stuff, I realized that the Airwrap would actually end up saving me money in the long run.

And now that I've had it for a while, I can already see how true my hypothesis turned out to be. Not only is it saving me money from all the products I'm not buying, but it's also saving me massive amounts of time. It would take me at least an hour to blowdry and straighten (or curl) my hair. With the Airwrap, I can be fully done with my hair in literally 10-20 minutes. (And even less if I just want to smooth and am not curling)!

So yes, it's expensive, and I joke about it being the best investment of your life, but for me, it's serious. I consider the Airwrap an investment in my hair health, my time, long-term budget health, and my confidence and happiness with my hair.

It's worth every penny to me, and you know what they say. "You get what you pay for." With the Airwrap, you get the best, healthiest hair of your life.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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