St. Tropez Bronzing Water Face Mist – Review

One of the best ways to quickly improve the look of your skin is a nice, subtle tan. A tan does so many things for the face, for one it tells a story. It says, this tan person is healthy, vivacious, possibly just back from a fabulous vacation, or they get outside a lot, maybe a runner or avid hiker. The next thing a tan does is mask imperfections, think about it…you’ve got a little red zit or 3, now what is going to make them stand out more, a bright white canvas or a nice tanned surface? That’s right, tans just make everything better. The other added benefit of a lil tan is how it can give you a natural-looking contour, as an all-over tan will enhance your already in place contours, and a strategically placed self-tan will give you cheekbones chiselled for the gods.

Now here’s the thing about tans, it isn’t that easy. A lot can go wrong and if your tan is anything less than perfect, well it’s going to be something of an orange tragedy. (And I’m not even going to go to the actual sun-tan method of cancerous death – do not test me with that shiet – tanning in the sun will result in premature skin aging, we’re talking wrinkles, sun spots, other discoloration and general sag and it can also you know, casually give you actual cancer. It’s not worth it in any capacity so don’t even. Just don’t).

So luckily, I have found a product that makes tanning your face simple as can be with absolutely incredible results. I give you my new found love, St. Tropez Bronzing Water Face Mist. AKA Heaven in a bottle.

There are so many reasons to love this product, it really is the total package when it comes to your tanning needs and dreams. It’s easy, quick, pretty much foolproof and best of all…none of that vile, dead-giveaway self-tan smell! I am literally getting so excited right now talking about it, it sounds too good to be true and once you try it you’ll wonder if you’re dreaming. Trust.

So here’s the deal, the perfect tan is just a few mists away. Yes, that’s right, this product works like a setting spray or your favorite moisturizing mist. All you need is a spritz or two and within a few hours you’ll have a glorious little tan that looks natural as can be.

I’m telling you, this thing is just too good. It’s ridiculous.

Now to prove that it’s not too good to be true, there are a few places where you can go wrong with it, number one. Make sure your mouth is closed when you spray (duh, I know this is stupid of me, but it smelled so good that I let my guard down and had to taste. Just kidding, I did not spray myself in the mouth with tanner, my god. But you can thank me later for the hilarious visual. What happened was, I sprayed my face liberally and then licked my lips a little and got a taste and lemme tell you, it was bad. Yuck as heck.

Luckily, I’ve found an easy fix: just close your lips like you’re trying to rub them together (think when you put on lipstick and want to rub your lips together to evenly spread out the lip color). Then wait a couple of seconds and don’t go licking your lips for a bit. Easy as pie.

My second and more real tip is this; when it comes to tanning, exfoliation is your best friend. For some crazy reason, this isn’t taught in elementary school, but exfoliating is the key to a good self-tan. If you’ve been having issues self-tanning it’s most likely due to a lack of proper exfoliation. I mean, bad products will do you dirty too and believe me most of the self-tan stuff out there is pure crap, but it’s exfoliation that will make or break your self-tan experience.

I’ve found that I get the best results when I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry and then apply my favorite exfoliator, (currently obsessed with Pixi Glow Tonic which is a Glycolic Acid – a form of AHA, a chemical exfoliator that works by cleansing the outer surface of the skin, while BHA exfoliators like salicylic acid work by cleansing the inner parts of the pore, I use both of these throughout the week. I usually use a BHA once or twice a week and AHA two to three times. I’m super careful to not over-exfoliate and be sure to be sensitive to my skin’s needs). Ok sorry not sorry for that little tangent. After I exfoliate with one of the aforementioned exfoliators, I simply close my eyes, press my lips together and take a big ole breath and then mist away.

It’s also important for me to mention when you mist you have choices. You can give yourself a general, all-over tan by holding the mister out as far as your arm will allow and mist aiming at the center of your face. Or, you can adjust your spacing and aim to give yourself more of a contoured effect. Now, this isn’t going to be as precise as a cream/liquid self-tan could be, but you can still achieve a natural contour by simply aiming the tanning mist at each side of your face and try to get it concentrated on your lower cheeks. Then you can also hit each side of the nose (instead of coming at it head on like in the all over tan method of spraying directly forward).

Also, I highly recommend spraying your neck as well. Unless you’re using a separate self-tanner for your neck, but I mean, why would you when it’s as easy as a quick spray?

So that’s it, I have sung that praises of bronzing water till my voice is dried and gone. I need tea with lemon (all figurative here as of yet, although I feel like no one escapes my presence without some unexpected and/or unwanted time dedicated to me converting them into a self-tanning fiend. And although I haven’t literally talked about it till my voice was hoarse, I have been left panting and out of breath).

So do yourself a favor and bless your skin with a golden, natural, easy tan that smells like tropical heaven. I’m not saying that bronzing water will be the best purchase of your life, but it will change your life in a profound way.  

Ok, I’m done. This has been my Ted Talk. Goodbye.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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