Shea Moisture Jumps In On The Newest Trend in Skincare: Probiotics – What Products To Definitely Grab and Which to Pass On

The latest trend in skincare also happens to be the latest trend in those super-cool eateries and cafes, I’m talking – Matcha. Probiotics. Antioxidants. Milk Thistle.

Walk into any hip and trendy health food store, cafe or juice bar and you’re sure to find products with those ingredients front and center. I’ve started to see them cropping up in new skincare lines as well and I’ve been curious. So when I saw a product with not one, but four big trends in it, I had to take the plunge.

I’ve been using Shea Moisture’s new Matcha Green Tea & Probiotics line for about two months now and here’s the low down on what you should definitely consider buying, and what to pass on.

First up, the Transforming Clay-To-Cream Cleanser. This cleanser is in a word, lovely. It smells like a natural version of the green apple jolly rancher candy for one. It’s crisp and refreshing and just an all-around lovely scent to start your day with. I think this factor is indeed important because I have found that the anticipation and desire for the scent has lead me towards actually washing my face each morning and night (semi) regularly. I am notoriously lazy when it comes to washing my face, especially in the morning, so any product that gets me to actually follow through on the face washing is a winner. The next thing I love about it is the unique way it works, so you apply it to dry skin, much like you would a mask, and it feels exactly like any clay mask would, then you add water and watch it kind of melt into a creamy texture, which you then rinse off, of course.

The cleanser feels so nice and refreshing that I usually leave it on for a couple of minutes before the water part, it’s just really nice and relaxing. I like this cleanser because as you would imagine, it’s really gentle and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and calm. It says that it should help with redness and while I don’t have too much of a redness issue, I do notice a little bit less redness in my cheeks and nose after using it regularly for about a week, so that’s definitely a win. I’ll keep using it more for the gentleness though, it’s hard to find a cleanser that’s truly gentle and yet still gets the job done, but Shea Moisture’s Clay to Cream Matcha Cleanser does the trick and does it in a truly lovely way.

Next up, the Soothing Eye Cream. I was excited when I first opened this eye cream because I saw that it has a metal applicator and metal applicators mean one thing: an awesome cooling effect.

Metal feels cool to the touch and what do we do to swollen ankles, we ice them. Cooling helps with inflammation. Now think about an area of the face that might be swollen and could do with a reduction in size, the ever infamous eyebags (yes, yes, chanel of course). Although a cooling metal applicator may not be a permanent solution to eye bags, it certainly helps reduce them in size temporarily and it feels super nice as well. So what better way to apply an eye cream than with a metal applicator. Honestly, you can even use it throughout the day without applying more product and just gently run the applicator back and forth over your lower eye area for a nice cooling sensation and as a quick way to keep the eyebags at bay. As for the eye cream inside, I’ve got to say, I’m not wholly in love. I feel like it doesn’t quite absorb, and it’s hard to smooth out. I could never use it in the morning because of this and certainly never under makeup, it just kind of lies there on the skin and while it feels nice and even has a bit of a tightening-like sensation, I only use it at bedtime. It’s kind of annoying even then too because it will definitely smear on your pillow and you’ll need to wipe or rinse it off in the morning as it just will not absorb. I feel like when I use it, I think of it as more of an eye mask which is actually fine, I apply it in a heavy layer and leave it on while I also mask the rest of my face and then I just rinse everything off. So bottom line, will I repurchase? No. It’s just not useful for me, I’ll enjoy it as a “mask” until it’s run out but that’s it. I like the applicator more than the actual cream itself so I’ll keep the bottle and use it throughout the day and I’ll even use it to smooth over my regular eye creams too, so that bit is a win, but I wouldn’t advise buying it just for the applicator. What you can do though is take a metal spoon, keep it in the refrigerator and take it out anytime your eyes are getting puffy, I promise you, it will feel like a spa treatment, it’s heavenly (especially in hot weather), if you have time, I highly recommend using a cold spoon to apply your eye cream as well.

The last product from the Matcha Probiotic line that I tried is the Soothing Toner & Hydrating Mist. I am addicted to facial mists so I was only too happy to indulge in yet another face mist. This mist smells amazing, just like the cleanser and eye cream, think of a natural version of the green apple jolly rancher candy. It’s refreshing, light and crisp, everything that a green apple should be. However the pleasantries stop there. It wouldn’t matter what wonders it could do for my skin, I’ll never know because whenever I spray, it leaves a sticky residue that just won’t quit. God forbid you spray too liberally and it gets in your hair…sticky, sticky, sticky.

I wanted it to be amazing, I wanted it to tone my skin and feed it with all the healthy skin boosting effects of the Matcha, Probiotics and Milk Thistle, but alas, I just can’t handle the stickiness. If stickiness doesn’t bother you, go for it, but if you don’t like a sticky face and don’t aspire to be human fly paper, better steer clear.

My final recommendations: if you’re looking for a cleanser that is as gentle as it gets, with redness-reducing properties and a list of skincare benefits and trends so high it will touch the sky, try the cleanser, it could quickly become your new favorite, like it did mine. I’d consider the pros and cons of the other products carefully though, but the good thing is you can still get the benefits of probiotics and other ingredients with just the cleanser (I feel like the might increase by leaving them on for a bit before washing off, like a mask), I know that my skin has been loving it and I’ve seen less redness and felt less irritation than ever before, while still getting that super satisfying cleansed result that a regular cleanser can give.

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